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Why It is Essential to Analyze Structure?

Posted on the 17 March 2020 by Amelia White
Why it is Essential to Analyze Structure?
The structure for infrastructures designed by the Queensland Structural Engineers is unique and innovative. Their function is to design & assess the structure. What are the structures that we are using regularly? We mostly use tall buildings and bridges. The engineers analyze the structure before preparing the final design, to make sure that it will not collapse due to applied loads or extreme force. The experienced engineers always design structure in a way that can withstand environmental stress and pressure. Do you know the purpose of structural analysis? It is analyzed to get a proper idea about the safety, strength, and rigidity of the structure.

Here it is mentioned the essential functions of structural analysis. Take a close to look into it.

What do you understand by structural analysis?

The process determines how the structure behaves when different types of load are applied. A structure can experience live load, earthquake, wind load and other environmental factors. So, the structure has to be analyzed based on stiffness, stability, strength, and vibration. It is the main tool used by structural engineers to be assured that the load can resist different types of force. The analysis of structure is entirely based on assumptions. The assumptions can be features and operating conditions of the structure and purposes, etc.

What are the steps required in structure analysis?

Once the structure is designed by the engineers, they perform the following steps. Such as structure idealization, applying loads calculation reaction calculates internal forces, calculate internal stresses. At the end of the process, they evaluate the efficiency & safety of the structure.

What are the methods used in the structural analysis?

The methods that are used nowadays are of three types. They are the analytical methods based on numerical approximations and the finite element method.

Structural analysis fundamental approaches

Structural engineers analyses structure on the basis of major approaches. The first one is analyzed by applying a fixed load. Therefore results in deflection to the structure. Whereas in the second approach it will be subjected to moving load. Thus results in the division of internal forces.
Structural analysis is very crucial as it offers information on the structural design of the building. It helps to evaluate whether the design of the structure can bear internal and external forces or not. This is also helpful in determining the exact cause of structural failure. You need to know about the structural engineering information before you hire them. They should be experienced to deal with any type of structure.

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