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Why Do Boys Have Willies And Girls Don’t?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

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Why Do Boys Have Willies And Girls Don’t? Kia my 4 year old daughter asked me the other evening when she was in the bath with her two brothers aged 2 and 3.


To be honest I had no idea how to even answer her question.

Why Do Boys Have Willies And Girls Don’t? I don’t know, they just do I told her.

I asked my mummy friends what answer they would give to this question, this is what they told me;


Tiffany; I don’t know but I’d love to find out as my nearly 3 year old has asked this – why her cousin has a winkle and she doesn’t

Sarah; Because that’s what makes them boys. Boys have willies, girls have moo moos

Charlotte; I remember my mum once said to my brother she gave him her willy so that’s why she don’t have one and he does

Sarah; Because ones a female and ones male

Laura; My son asked me why I didn’t have a winky.  ”Mummy was naughty and had it chopped off” was the 1st thing that popped into my head

Katy; I remember a friend telling me how she explained this to her young nephew: ‘boys have willies, girls have front bums!’

Louise; Boys need a hose to wee out of

Zara; Cause its what makes boys and girls different

Carly; Ask your dad.

Wendy; because are the tidier ones, all our bits are tucked away for neat ness,

Katy; When I was heavily pregnant and hadn’t tidied down there for a week or so I was getting changed and my little one walked in and said ‘oh no that fluffs eaten your Willy’ I could have died laughing

Why Do Boys Have Willies And Girls Don’t? How Would You Reply?

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