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Why Can't We Save Our Children?

Posted on the 06 June 2011 by Jjankowskirecoverme
How is it possible that in this enlightened day and age we still cannot save our innocent children from abuse, neglect, and rape? Why are we still relying on the honor system? The answer is simple. The honor system is wasted on the dishonorable. Another generation of parents is following in the previous generation's stumbling footsteps. The blind leading the unenlightened weave a web of dark ignorance in which our innocent children are entwined as prey. They are set up us prey to sexual predators, lurking in secret corners, awaiting the missteps of the careless caretakers. They expertly read the signs of the easily infiltrated and ingratiate their way into our homes. Their ultimate goal is to ensnare gullible, unsuspecting, parents into handing over their helpless children for their exclusive entertainment. They will offer to babysit for free and help around the house. Perhaps they will target a single mother with several children and engage her in a romantic interlude in hopes of moving in as king predator of her castle. All the better to have access to the children. How cunning, how clever, how sad! Are we going to look him up on the predator list, do a background check, or blindly invite him to our home and our children? You be the judge if you think it's intelligent to let your kids sleep over their friend's house. After all, there shouldn't be any perverts living at your kid's friends house, and there shouldn't be any guns, and it would be absurd to think there would be any date rape drugs either. Why it would be unthinkable. Perhaps it would behoove us as parents to contemplate the unthinkable and develop a healthy skepticism so we can then finally view the world as a dangerous place full of dangerous persons. Perhaps then we will be able to finally grow a spine and save our children from the sexual predator monsters lurking in plain sight among us.
This article expresses solely my opinion, doesn’t represent any organization, and doesn’t offer medical or legal advice.  By Julia Jankowski, BA Criminal Justice, M.Ed., Certified Addiction Professional, Certified Mental Health Professional, Civil Competency Evaluator.

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