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Who To Bring (and Not) on Your Hen Party

By Claire

Maybe Bring: His Sis­ter. We’d have to put this as a “maybe” because we don’t quite know what type of sis­ter your future hubby has. If the two of you get along like gang­busters then we say go ahead and invite her. But if she’s a seri­ous stick in the mud, then its bet­ter not to. If you don’t invite her to your hen party, fol­low our advice and try to plan some sort of fun girls’ activ­ity for just the two of you. If she knows about your hen party and real­izes she’s not invited, her feel­ings could be hurt. Smooth things over with an invite to get pedi­cures at your favorite spa.

Who To Bring (and Not) on Your Hen Party

Not Bring: Your Boss. Even if you get along super well with your boss, we’d have to put the nix on invit­ing your boss to your hen party. It would be that rare boss and sub­or­di­nate rela­tion­ship, maybe a fam­ily busi­ness where you’d invite your boss to your hen party. But don’t worry too much, your boss may expect an invi­ta­tion to the wed­ding but they prob­a­bly don’t expect an invi­ta­tion to the hen party, so you’re in the clear here.

Must Bring: Col­lege Room­mate. Invit­ing your col­lege room­mate is ideal for your hen party. Even if you haven’t seen your col­lege room­mate in awhile, now is the per­fect time to get together. Per­haps you went to her hen party and now she can come to yours! Bring­ing your col­lege room­mate will remind you of the fun times you had in col­lege, and you’re cer­tain to have another fun time at your hen party again.

Maybe Bring: Coworker “Buddy”. We’d have to say this is a Maybe invite because it can depend on the rela­tion­ship with the coworker buddy and also the type of office you work in. The biggest chal­lenge is if you work in a very social, friendly office and you only invite one coworker buddy to your hen party. There can be a lot of hurt feel­ings in the office the next day! Some­times it is eas­ier not to invite your coworker buddy to your hen party – because if you do you’d feel you would need to invite five oth­ers too. The other chal­lenge with invit­ing your coworker buddy is that then some­one in the office knows exactly what hap­pened at your hen party, and you may want to keep that type of info pri­vate if you know what we mean. And we think you do!

Not Bring: Any­one That Gives You the “Ick” Feel­ing. This isn’t an exact per­son but we know you’ll  recog­nise them instantly by that “ick” feel­ing you get in your stom­ach when you think about them. It may be that cousin your mom thinks you should invite. It could be a friend you just aren’t as close to any­more. It could be your future hubby’s sis­ter (we hope not!). But who­ever it is, don’t invite them to your hen party!

Author: Rebecca, Chill­isauce. Events Man­age­ment Com­pany. Spe­cial­is­ing in Hen Par­ties and Stag Week­ends

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