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Who Says Eating Clean is Hard?!

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

I do!

Well… it’s normally hard. Especially at the beginning. But the longer I’m at it the less my body craves all the ‘dirty’ stuff.

Normally, I like to be a very low maintenance person. I’d never send a plate of food back if I ordered something at a restaurant and it came the wrong way. 

It’s the same with what’s offered. If I went to a potluck and was on a new diet I’d probably just call it a free day and enjoy what was there. I wouldn’t pack my own picnic filled with ‘safe-clean foods’.

This has changed! And I really think it needs to to make healthy-clean eating party of daily life.


Who says eating clean is hard?!

Today for lunch my dad smoked tri-tip for sandwiches here at the office. The old Maren would have scrapped the clean eating and had a meaty sandwich on a fluffy french roll topped in lots (and lots and lots) of honey bbq sauce. But the new Maren said “wait a sec!”.

I took 15 minutes, went to the store bought some sourdough sprouted grain bread, a little premade spinach salad and a Kombucha tea!

Who says eating clean is hard?!

I got to enjoy the tri-tip, keep up my healthy eating habits, and I feel super good about myself for making such great choices.

Making great choices when trying to be healthy is a HUGE MOTIVATOR!

Who says eating clean is hard?!

Here’s the real deal… if eating a certain way, working out every day, or whatever it may be is going to become part of life then it has be to real life. There will be times that I’ll have to go out of my way to make it happen.

Yes, I’m 138% all about things being easy when it comes to my clean eating and fitness habits. For me, if it’s not easy and fitting into how I live then I’m not going to be successful. But the fact is that this is a new habit and I’m going to have to go out of my way to live a more healthy focused life.

Voila… 15 minutes and I cleaned up my lunch!

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