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Who Nudges You to Be Present? People Skills

By Shawnaschuh

Who Nudges You to Be Present? People SkillsWhen I type in the mornings – if Elly my lab-adorable hasn’t gotten enough attention – she nudges my arm.


Sometimes when I’m typing something good, this throws me off and makes me irritated.


On a good day, I pat her head, reach around for a treat (which is  usually what she wants) and get back to my typing – knowing that my canine is beside me, she loves me and I’ve given her a snuggle and treat and all is right with her world.


On a less than good day, or a “I’m behind and I need to hurry day” I push her away, chastise her for interrupting my writing and feel remorseful when she gives me “The look”.


You know the one – wounded eyes, droopy mouth and maybe even a sigh as if to say, “All I wanted was your love…” This is a different kind of nudge and I wish I had paid it attention.


When I do pay attention and get present I stop writing, reach down and love on her – give her the morning treat and take a breath before I turn back to my keyboard. She looks up at me in adoration and I am paid richly for my pausing to pet.


It only took a moment and I feel better every time for the quick connection, for the happy wag, for being present for a moment with another living thing.


Each morning my dogs interrupt me while I’m working – it’s a routine and by now I should know that there is nothing more pressing to my pups then getting their morning goodie and a love cuddle from me.


What’s interesting is that it’s me that needs it most and it’s me that forgets it. The dogs however remember – we’re in a routine and they like it, they help keep me grounded – “it’s time for momma to stop” and it brings to me something truly magical – a moment of love, of connection, of giving to begin my day.


Why wouldn’t I love this habit? My dogs live with me so I can love them, so they can love me, so that we can connect, share, laugh and play.


These morning nudges are special, wonderful really and until just now, when I started typing and the nudging began, I hadn’t looked at it this way – however today is a good day, a day I remember that I chose this life, these dogs and this routine.


I’m grateful. What do you have in your life that nudges you to be better each day? What do you surround yourself with that you love and that loves you?


Today, let those pets and people in your life interrupt you with love and love them back. Isn’t that why we’re on this planet?


Remember, you create  your day by the way you think. Make it magnificent!


Blessings, Shawna


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