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White Chocolate Strawberry Magic

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Happy Friday Friends!!!


You all ROCK! I mean seriously. Here I am, freaking out about writing about my own food/eating issues and you all made me feel like a million-trillion bucks. I {heart} you guys!

Dealing with IBS is going to be tough! I’m not looking forward to it. But I know with the help of all my amazing blog friends aka readers… yes I’m nerdy and think of all of you as my friends

…I can do this and hopefully get back to a normal life. One that includes running and eating pizza once in a while.

Well… a girl can dream right?!



Last night Max took me on a date night. We had Mexican food…. yep, I’m so unpredictable.


Because my numero uno umm…goal… is to just get myself back to a form of normal, I’m sticking to things I’m pretty sure wont aggravate my digestive tract. So… blackened shrimp tostada topped with lots and lots of spicy salsa.



I may (or may not) have eaten this entire basket of corn chips while Max was in the bathroom washing his hands… I plead the 5th!

But FYI… don’t ever threaten to take away my chips and salsa… I will (probably) cut you!


After dinner I felt pretty good. Yay for being symptom free! We saw Dark Shadows, which was pretty funny. I usually like the Jonny Depp & Tim Burton films but only to watch once or twice. They are so creative and intense.

Once we got home from the movie I had an unquenchable salty craving (females and their dumb hormones!!! gah!) so I ate the second half of my Dad’s heaping bowl of evoo popcorn. I’ll have to do a recipe post on that. Holy Delicious.


The one thing that I now live by when it comes to sweating… if my stomach feels loopy don’t do it!

I’ve been experiencing my womanly time which can make IBS symptoms a billion and 4 times more intense. So I’ve skipped the gym the last two days. It’s hard, but definitely worth it.


I ate dessert…

before 8am…

I feel slight foodie shame…



I found, strawberry white chocolate coffee at Target last night!!! :

Please… tell me how you say “no” to that?!!

My Dad and I really like the Hershey’s Bliss dark chocolate squares and I knew that a square with a swallow of coffee would be pure magic on my tongue. IT WAS!

Tell me about you!!! I want to know…

are you more of a salty craving or sweet craving kind of person>
depends on the day… but lately it’s been salty all the way

what was your favorite band in jr. high school?
…backstreet boys!!!!


what is the longest road trip you’ve ever been on?
13 hours of driving in 1 day. That was from Portland, Oregon to Salinas, CA. But we drove from my house to eastern Utah one summer in 3 days…

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