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White and Grey Rabbit in Toronto Park – Native, Tame Or Feral?

By Frame To Frame - Bob And Jean @frametoframebJ

White and gray rabbit  - looks at me -  Milliken Park - Toronto -  Ontario

On a recent walkabout in Milliken Park, in Toronto,  Bob and I were surprised to see, hopping about the lawns and gardens, an unusual looking rabbit.  Unlike our common Cottontail Rabbit, this one was white with a smokey gray snout and a gray wash on its hind quarters.  Could it be that someone’s pet escaped and is now making the park its home?  Or is it possible that someone released their pet for no longer wanting to care for it?

White and gray rabbit  - profile right side  -  Milliken Park - Toronto -  Ontario

The sleek, elegant rabbit was leery of our presence, like any wild rabbit would be, suggesting that it had been in the wild for sometime.  We had to move cautiously to avoid scaring it away now that the rabbit has become feral.

White and gray rabbit  - tail and back  -  Milliken Park - Toronto -  Ontario

Confident in its camouflage there on the wood chips and in amongst the dried grass, the rabbit lazily stretched out and relaxed.

White and gray rabbit at Milliken Park - Toronto - Ontario

It was an unusually hot afternoon, so the heat of the sun was making the  rabbit drowsy.

White and gray rabbit  - profile right side  -  Milliken Park - Toronto -  Ontario

We surmise that this little fellow will now remain one of the park’s residents.  I wonder if we’ll see the results of cross-breeding with the Cottontails that populate this city’s green space.  I’m sure it won’t take too long to tell.  In the meantime, it seems that this tame rabbit gone wild is surviving quite well.

Frame To Frame – Bob & Jean

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