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While We're on the Topic of Confessions...

By Hollyshaun0528 @TwinglesMom42
Shortly after I put up my last Friday Confessional post, I read one of my very favorite blogs, Holly's House...Not A Perfect Mom's Blog, and I was inspired by her honesty.
I think lots of us have habits we'd prefer to keep to ourselves and the rest of the general public would probably like us to do so as well.
But there's something that's been nagging me lately.
Something that I hear so many other people complain about.
And I just don't really get it.
Yep, that's right. I'm the mom that wears her pajamas to the grocery store.
Maybe they'll put my picture on the awesome people of walmart website (even though I really don't think I'm that bad - my pj's at least fit me).
Now let me clarify: My pajamas generally consist of a t-shirt and some sort of plaid pajama pants. If I wear them to the store, I wear flip-flops with them, not bunny slippers. And I have never ever left my house without a bra on. So maybe I can get a little more credit than some others.
The way I see it is this - I have to dress nicely for work at least 5 days per week. And I hate dressing up. So when my weekend rolls around, I'm owning it. I'll wear what I want. Luckily, I know that no one is going to kick me out of my neighborhood market because of my fleece pajama pants.
Plus, my kids get up at 5am every. single. day. So that means that no matter when you see me, I've been awake since at least 5am.
So cut a hardworking mother of three who's been up since 5am a little slack and shut up about how much I must not care about myself to go out in public in my pajamas.
Ok, end rant for the day.
In all sincerity, I truly hope you have a nice day!
While We're on the Topic of Confessions...

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