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Which Theme Are You Using For Your Blog?

Posted on the 06 February 2013 by Mankam23

With millinos of blogs and sites now powered by WordPress, it's no wonder that developpers are getting extremely busy creating new and exciting themes on a daily basis.

Like many other users of WP (I suppose), I'm always very excited when I'm looking after new themes and plugins, it can be very overwhelming to see what's on offer hence the birth of this post.

With the amount of themes now available, some free and others premium, I was wondering what you guys are using. I'm interested in knowing what folks think and share your experiences here.

I used Thesis years ago just for fun because people were talking about it on every blog I went to. Now I use the Genesis LifeStyle Theme for this blog and I'm very happy with it. So, which themes are you using and why?


My Top 5 WP Themes


There are so many themes out there that, it's really difficult to check them out all. I'm sure they are all very good and have as much functionalities and are very adaptable too.

But after much research, I'm going to share my views on 5 themes based on personal experiences and researches. Please feel free to comment and add whatever you think I may have forgotten to mention.


Genesis Theme

When I started this very blog, I first went for the free WP theme but it wasn't flexible and could not really be altered. I found it very frustrating and started doing some research about wp themes, and it wasn't until I read a review on

I did not wanna use Thesis as I didn't wanna bother with the codes. After reading the review on Lisa Irby's blog, I decided to search some more. I finally decided to complete my purchase on the Premium Theme and I'm going to explain why.


Genesis offers multiple themes, you can choose yours depending on the theme of your blog/site. I use the LifeStyle Theme for this blog. The reasons why I like this theme is because it's very clean, SEO friendly and easy to set up.

These themes are SEO friendly and makes it easy for the search engines to read your content, unlimited updates, one purchase equals as many sites/blogs as you can build. More Here


Thesis Theme

Thesis is very easy to use and if you have some CSS knowledge, it's even easier to customize it to your taste. Thesis Themes are SEO friendly and load fast.

With the Thesis 2.0 now available, everything is now a drag and drop movement, you can tweak everypart of your site as much as you like until you get the design you're satisfied with.

You have the possibility to build pages different from each other, in all you can do what you want the the Thesis 2.0 just with a click. The visual design template editor does the whole trick for you.

There's a possibility to add as many functionalities without touching a single code, isn't that amazing?



I haven't personnaly used this theme but have only heard amazing reviews about it (usually 9 out of 10) and that's why I decided to share it here. As I said earlier, there are so many themes out there,it's almost impossible to try all of them.

Some of you may have of it already, some maybe not. ElegantThemes allows folks without any website experience and programing skills to absolutely design their websites and customize them to their taste.

Each theme comes complete with a widget ready sidebar, custom thumbnail images, search bar and gravatar ready feature, multi-level dropdown menus, automatic resizing of images and many more.

ElegantThemes offers more tham 70 templates to choose from and they are all WordPress compatible. Prices range from $39 and you are free to use all the templates available, really worth having a look considering all the services offered.

Based o what I've read and heard about ElegantThemes, their customer service is one of the very best, they are quick to respond and always available to help.



WooThemes are designed using CSS, PHP and WP. Designs are quite flexible and give you the ability to tweak and customize as much as your taste can go. Like the themes cited above, WooThemes are also SEO friendly, clear and easy to navigate.

What I particularly love about Woo is their graphics, they are amazing, fresh and furthermore, you can change the color if that'll make you feel good

. Customer support is faultless from what I've read, responses are quick and help is always handy.

The downside for me here is the price. WooThemes cost $70 for one theme, then you get an additional 2 themes for free, meaning 3 themes in total. For someone who's only interested in building one site, I don't think it's really worth it.

You might as well go for ElegantThemes, where you pay $39 and are free to use as much themes as you like. Go here to view more templates….



This theme is quite popular and well known in the bloggosphere world and among webmasters. Most ThemeForest themes are up-to-date with the WP 3.0 unward and most templates are ecommerce oriented.

If you plan to sell stuff online and are looking for a good wp themes for that, then ThemeForest is the way to go. Pricewise, it cost $20 upward and themes problems are not handled by ThemeForest , but by the theme developer instead.


Please feel free to comment and share your views on this post and of course any other posts on this blog


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