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5 Best MLM Facts

Posted on the 26 February 2013 by Mankam23

If you are thinking about joining any network marketing company out there, I'll suggest you read this post before mlm-factsyou jump in the wagon.

So may times, people have been scammed or lost their money with some of these programs.

Some, however were not scammed but they just couldn't make any money out of these.

NB: MLM has nothing to do with pyramid schemes. MLM is absolutly legal and if you do not know the difference between the two, please also check This Post I wrote a while ago.

Not every company allows people to join foor free, some do and some others don't. I've been doing this for years, had my ups and dows, made many mistakes and most importantly I learned from them and this is one of the reasons why I feel confident talking about the topic.

Before joining any  kind of MLM companies, there are certian things to take into consideration:

1. How long has the company been trading for

Before I join any kind of MLM program, I always check for how long the company has been around, but more importantly I read the company's reviews.

I know that, certain companies might not have been around for very long but are progressing steadily and can be trusted.

We all know that, the majority (not all of them) of new MLM businesses fall within 3-5 years after they've launched and it always hurt when we think of all the efforts we've put in. So it's in your best interest to do your homework before embarking on this journey.


   2. What type of products does the company offers

It's essential that the products offered are unique and cannot be found in any other stores around town at disounted price. Some people have had horror movies where, they stocked so many products from the company thinking they were the only ones selling these products , just to find out later that these same products are being sold in a corner shop.

 It's important that you fill confident about the products you are selling because, that's the only way you'll able to talk about them to potential customers.


3. How big is the market you wanna tap in?

You absolutely must find out what's the competition like in that field, this is really important if you wanna make some good money in MLM.There has to be a big demand of the products of offer in order for the marketer to generate a reasonable amount of money from it. The bigger the market, greater the revenue.

And the greater the revenue, the more people around you will wanna join your business, earning you even more cash. This is called lead generation, but this will be another topic later on.


4. How is the income generated, how is the payment process?  


It's very important to know how your hard earned cash will be paid back to you. Afterall, we do this because we long for a free and better life so it's essential we get paid for the work we do.

The process of payment can vary from one company to the other. Some companies will pay on a daily basis, some weekly, others will pay monthly only.

Some other companies also give you the possibility to choose how often we wanna get paid. I usually put chances to my side and join programs that allow me to get my investment back within weeks or maximum 3 months. It's been working so far, no lost yet which means I'm doing something right.


The programs I personaly do give all these options and also allow you to cumulate your gains and re-invest if you choose to. Also, the industries in which they operate are just so big that there's never a shortage of leads/clients.

The ones I'm part of are designed in a way that you must not recruit to earn, they really give you the freedom to choose.

Check This Site to see the programs am talking about and feel free to contact me regarding those. I've done programs in the past, but those are really the easiest for me so far, I make more money that I did in the past and recruiting has never been easier because some people join to earn extra and are not interested in developping a network. And yes, with these programs, they can.


5. Are you having fun?

Put aside the fact that MLM is here to help us generate some extra income, it's also important to feel at ease with what we do. Like anything else, it has to be fun and we should be enjoying what we do in order to succeed.

I never go into any kind business with money as my first priority, yes we wanna generate extra income but I think it's best to take it as a hobby first and the rest will follow.

MLM is in no way a Get Rich Quick kind of thing, as some have us believe. Yes you can earn extremely good cash from it, but one has to be realistic and put some effort into it too.


Above are my top 5 MLM Facts explained and I truly believe that every serious marketer should consider those facts before entering into this business. Advice from someone who's been there, done it and is still doing it.

If you are thinking about some great MLM businesses to join then Check Here and feel free to contact me for more info. Everything is well explained, in plain English and other languages are available to choose from.


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