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Mobile Apps I Cannot Live Without!

Posted on the 05 March 2013 by Mankam23


I'm very excited about writing this post, because I'm addicted technology and to my mobiles phones (lol

). There's no way I'll go anywhere without my phones, it just hasn't happened yet.

This is the easiest way for me to stay in touch with my friends, relatives and also my customers. Forgetting my mobile phones somewhere is like going out in winter without my coat.

It's pretty bad but definately worth it. I can actually bet that, I ain't the only one in this situation. Everyone has at least on mobile phone nowadays, even little kids are becoming addicted to technology.

We all use mobile phones for many different reasons and most people will agree with me that these gadgets are life and time savers (lol well not always for few).

Time has passed and technology has evolved so much that, mobile phones are now considered as mini computers (that's if they aren't yet).

In this chapter I'm going to talk mostly about Mobile Apps I just cannot live live without, those are essential and condering the tasks they acn accomplish I really think that we should be praising the genius behind it all.

Which Mobile Apps Are You Using?

As the world is evolving so fast, more people are shifting away from their desktop computers and toward Smartphones and Tablets. Some experts even predict the future of web browsing will become mobile in the years to come.

To fully use take advantage of your smartphone and use it as a computer, some tools need to be installed. Those are called Apps, which is the topic of this chapter. Below, am going to list my favorite so far, am sure many already use them too:

  • world adkash
    WOR(L)D ADKASH Beta (Androids only): This app is a no-brainer and has to be my number one.  

There is a reason for it and going to explain. This app actually pay my mobile phone bills every month. You are wondering how right? Keep reading!


The WOR(L)D ADKASH Apponly works on Androids phone. The company that owns this App pays people everytime they receive a call/sms/mms on their mobile. Strange huh?

Here's how it works: everytime you receive a call/sms/mms, a short targeted ad will be displayed on your mobile phone and you'll get pay for it. As simple as it sounds.

If you are a very busy person like myself who receie tons of calls/sms/mms daily, you can make serious money with this app. Each ad viewed on your device get you $5 cents and only last few seconds.

For 100 calls/sms/mms for exemple everyday, that $5/daily and $150/monthly. Can be more depending on the number of calls/sms/mms you receive.

The good news is that, this App also works as an affiliate program, meaning if people around you (friends, family, etc) install this app through you, you get commissions on top of your personal earnings. How does that sound? The WOR(L)D ADKASH is free to download.

For More info about this App and the company, please Go here

  • dropbox_logo
    DropBox ( Androids and IOS) : I really cannot stress enough how important this tool is. As a busy person, there's nothing as reliable as to be able to access your files and documents no matter where you are and when you need it most.

DropBox allows people to save their files, documents, photos on one device ( ie: laptop, desktop, etc) and be able to access them from any other device like your mobile phone.

Like most Apps, DropBox is also free to download and only takes few minutes to complete the registration process. If you are not yet using it, Click Here to download now.

  • google maps
    Google Maps ( iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android ) : This a great map device and works with most recent mobile gadgets.

Google Maps is already installed on Android phones. For iOS users who have recently upgraded, you may have noticed that, Google Mpas was replaced by Apple Maps.

And if you are not too happy to have Apple Maps and will like to rewind to Google Maps, then please Go Here to do that. It's a straightforward process and only takes couple of minutes to complete.

  • evernote
    Evernote ( iOS and Android) : For those who are extremely busy and do not have to do everything at once, Evernote  allows you to save your posts, videos, photos, audios and access them at a later date by sharing them between your laptop, desktop or tablet.

This App keeps you organized at all times, no matter how busy you get. It's very handy and I love it.

  • brewster-address-book
    Brewster Address Book ( iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) : I love this App because it takes care of my contact list. It synchs your iPhone's, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Foursquare, LinkedIn contacts list and showcase them (name and images) as you go through the list.

This is a great way to keep all your contacts in one place and just flick through them when needed.

  • instagram_icn_175
    Instagram ( iOS and Androids) : I just could not conclude this list without this add that I just love so much.

Sharing pictures with my friends has never been this easy. What I like most about Instagram is that, people can share many picture as one and it really looks cool and kind of vintage.

I know there are many many more fantastic Apps out there that are really useful and I'll be glad for you to share them here. I've only listed the once I really use and enjoy. Please feel free to share with myself and others about what you like and use too. Will appreciate.

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