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Which Musical Instrument Should Your Child Learn to Play?

Posted on the 20 February 2015 by Audiocred @audiocred

Should your son or daughter learn to play an instrument? There are arguments on both sides. Many parents would say you shouldn’t push your children to take up hobbies they’re not interested in. However, it is now believed that being able to play a musical instrument as a child can positively impact their intelligence.

As a parent, you’ll have to be prepared to put up with a lot of noise and terribly out of tune songs to begin with though. But who knows? It might be worth it. If your child grows up to be a great concert pianist, you won’t be complaining then. If you’re thinking about getting an instrument for your child, have a look at the ideas below.



You can get a starter violin relatively cheaply. They also offer your child the option to play either classical or more contemporary music. The instrument itself has a sophisticated appearance; this might be why they’re so popular with children. The music produced from them can be impressive, making it a satisfying instrument to learn.


Parents who encourage their children to take up a brass instrument have to be pretty brave. Trumpets are loud, very loud. But, having said that, they are great for beginners. You just blow it and press the buttons! I’m sure it’s a bit more complex than that, but they’re definitely still great for kids.


Every kid wants to be a rockstar. If you’re looking for the cool factor, then look no further than the guitar. You can go for either acoustic or electric (acoustic if you want the quieter option). What’s great about giving your child the chance to learn the guitar is that it doesn’t take much pushing. They’ll grasp the opportunity with both hands.


The drums is another instrument that will instantly appeal to kids. What child wouldn’t love to hit things with sticks in their spare time? You can even find ways of muting the drums to make them a bit quieter if you can’t handle the noise.

If your child is naturally boisterous and loud, a drum kit could be a great way of channeling their energy creatively! It can also, paradoxically, teach the importance of hard work and attention to detail. It takes a lot of concentration to keep your timing and rhythm right.


An electric keyboard is the kind of instrument for your child if they’re adventurous and experimental. A good electric keyboard comes with all kinds of add-ons and extras. They can produce different tones and voices so there should be plenty of things for your child to play around with. It allows for progression too. They’ll start off playing Frere Jacques, and before you know it they’ll be experimenting with some of the top vst plugins and electro synth sounds.


This one is the most unusual idea, but why not give it ago if your child doesn’t show any interest in  the other instruments? The exotic, weird nature of the instrument might persuade them to take it up, you never know. When you think of a harp, your mind conjures up images of angels and cherubs. So, if you want your child to grow up all sweet and angelic, this could be their instrument.

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