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Which is MORE Important… Being Or Doing?

By Jenrene

My husband a friend and I  – had a talk the other day about the aspect of ‘being and doing’. We explore  the concept all the time, because we have agreed that we cannot live life at the same pace. He goes fast forward, but  slowing down keeps me sane. He often compliments me on being a very good “being-type “ of individual. He on the other hand is very “doing-oriented”. He always says God blessed him with a wife who doesn’t have the same pace as he,  and someone who helps him to find calm.

He smiles when he thinks of how I master the art of being… I can sit for hours, writing, reading, reflecting,  talking to God or exploring concepts about God or I can call friends and “ just be with them”,  catching  up on the latest.

We often have  too much stress in our lives. We neglect the relationships with those we live with within our four walls; we have broken relationships with those we should be close to;  we forget as couples to spend time being together; we can’t recall the last time we relaxed and we have to really search to find ourselves again. Sometimes we just need to STOP. Before we know it, life will have passed us by – and it will be too late. If you don’t know how to slow down, just ask God – he  will help you. He helped me.

I know this is harder for moms to do; but mom – swapping can be a good idea when you need a break! If there’s  will, there’s a way. You can ”be” at the park while your kids are running around in the playground. You can also practice ‘being’  those few mins. before bedtime, instead of ‘being’ in front of the TV. If you are struggling with this trying to find time for you. pray for a pace that works. God will faithfully bring it to you.

Jesus loved to be, as well. He seemed to appreciate and enjoy fellowship and understood the bond of friendship. Being also helps you appreciate and love on others when they are going through trying times and to be  supportive and notice them. As Jesus sat in the garden with his friends and prayed – during one of his hardest times in life, he asked his disciples… “Can you not sit with me but one hour?” I think even Jesus understood how the business of the world could inhibit and impact our relationships, our day-to-day business, and our ability to hear from the Lord. Use his example to bless your life.

Just Be.


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