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By Jenrene

Sometimes I like to take Saturday mornings to create Sanctuary. Sanctuary is place inside of me. It's private. It's soul searching... and it's sometimes really fun.


I do a little self-evaluation, I create, and I pray and ask God for his help. It's surreal.

This is a place I have cultivated over time. A place where I have a found myself and yet at the same time, lost myself. Losing self sounds kind of scary, but in reality, I went through a time when I was " found " in the process of losing myself, if that makes any sense.
What do I do?

Well I take time to listen to my mind, will and my emotions.
I listen to myself THINK.Listening is a practice.

When I listen to my mind and it's too frazzled; I slow it down by listening to music or practicing deep breathing.
Listening to my will look like asking myself how am I feeling daily? And resisting anything that's on my path and life journey.
Listening to my emotions is asking myself what have been my most intense emotions and my calmest emotions and happiest emotions lately and why.

What did I find?

I found out I am really creative.
I found myself I am GREAT photographer.
I found out I actually can make money doing what I love to do! Writing!:0)
I found out that taking pictures really LARGELY reduces stress for me.
I found out that I want to write more.
I also found out that "slowing my pace" helps me to realize my value and worth and helps me to dream MORE.

It was about the year 2000 to 2005. I don't recall too many "specific" events, I but I do recall LOTS of growth. It seems I really SOARED when I came into my own.

So though I may not go into complete specifics, I will share the place where I was, because the depth of my life sprouted as the intimacy I developed with God also grew immensely.

Intimacy with oneself can be quite intriguing once you can get past the silence.

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