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The Beauty of Being Self Aware.

By Jenrene

Self-evaluation can help you to notice your vulnerabilities. What's good about recognizing where you are a bit weak? Vulnerabilities can help you strive to be less self-centered and more in tune with your life goals.

It also offers you a sense of humility and gratitude about where you are in life.

The Beauty of Being Self Aware.

I often have to give myself "allowance" to be who I am . Sometimes being who were are can be conflicting, if we are still trying to determine who that is. Giving myself 'allowance' gives me "permission" to be FREE to make decisions regarding my life. When I allow myself to grieve, to hurt, to smile, even... I am embracing my ability to be who I am. As a young woman, am always transitioning, self-evaluating, yielding, purposing, helping , adapting and changing because change is how I grow. When allow change, I allow or welcome peace on another level in my life. (Although it may not initially look like peace, it can lead to another way of being and doing with the lesson learned during this season. ) So as I challenge myself to be in a continual state of growth, I welcome I am evolving into the person God desires me to be. But most of all, I notice I can be something I didn't realize I had the power to be.

There are at least three wonderful benefits that come self-reflection and self-acknowledgement: 1. You can recognize and build upon your dreams.

As you become aware of yourself and how you operate in the world and the influence you have on others you become selfless and find a way to connect. Connection recognizes good will and intention and opens the door for a spirit of giving. Living our dreams isn't always about getting, sometimes it involves recognizing what we can give.

2. Dreams come true when you can recognize WHO and WHOSE you belong to. Knowing your identity and taking time to honor and embrace it, turn can into an amazing reservoir of strength.

You begin to explore and cherish paths unknown and as they energize you, you can begin to observe the purpose of living on an even higher level. Like self-awareness causes one to grow - a lack of self-awareness or inability to be transparent and open-minded can stagnate your growth.

3. You open yourself up to MORE.

Some of my greatest opportunities have come from deep, intense thought and prayer. Spending time with my hobbies and like-minded people who have similar goals and sharing these thoughts have offered me the privilege of being a part of great teams and sharing great synergy.

4. You learn how to self-nurture and care for yourself in body mind and soul.

When you learn how to self-soothe, you can begin to prioritize and acknowledge how to keep an element of sacredness in your life. What do I mean by this? You allow yourself to cherish life, and be cherished, and you also welcome reverence into your life. When you are revered, you shine. You remain special in everyone's eyes, because you acknowledged that you were special first. When you learn how to meet your own needs, no one else comes before the ones that are important. One of the biggest mistakes we make in life is: we substitute people, places and things - that are not beneficial for us - for what we can do ourselves. or either God can do.

Here is the exercise I completed to find out more about myself:

Being my own best friend looks like me noticing my needs and desires before anything else.

Do you daily ask yourself: "What do you need?" How many times do you actually answer it? How often do you actually taken action to move into obtaining what's needed by actually doing something intentional about it?

For instance, I may need REST, but do I always reach for it?

I may need to be ENCOURAGED, but do I actually determine to spend time with a friend or listen to music or an encouraging word or affirmation that can actually meet that need for me?

I may need HOPE, but if I don't reach for hope daily and inspire myself, it may hard to capture with each passing day.

I wind up struggling when I ignore my needs . When I ignore my needs, I don't give God the opportunity to meet them. Usually, I wind up in a bad place, sometimes because then I tend to take care of everyone else's needs before my own. And this is not a good habit to develop. Taking time for "me" helps me to notice and re-energize myself.

Self- motivation helps to keep your purpose fueled. What are your motivators? Do you know what motivates you? If you don't know, you should find out. It's very important to keep your coals burning and sparked, never allowing them to go out. If you work on fueling your passions you will begin to find your meeting you at the front door.

When you begin to expect good, good is embraced. Expectation looks good on you. When you introduce expectation, it encourages one to transfer influence, and when you have influence, miracles can bring about the CHANGE that that offers you more in life.

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