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Where You Should Be! - Slovenia

By Livingthedreamrtw @livingdreamrtw
Where You Should Be! - SloveniaThis week's entry into the weekly series "Where You Should Be!" features the Central European nation of Slovenia.
Slovenia is often overlooked in the tourist trail as it is location is often out of the way from most visitors who opt to travel through nearby Austria, Hungary, or Croatia instead.  But what they miss will be your reward, as the country has some of the most picturesque landscapes in all of Europe, not to mention amazing Slovenian dining and a pretty good value as well! (Photo "Evening Graze" by ivanmarn)
Bled - Too Pretty for Words
Where You Should Be! - SloveniaLike something out of a postcard, the region surrounding Bled is one of the most romantic spots on Earth. While castles are often the most iconic attraction in a region, with Bled Castle's location on the top of a hill being quite scenic, there is another that is even more beautiful. (Photo "Lake Bled Slovenia" by GermanAndy)
Lake Bled was formed at the end of the Ice Age when a glacier pulled away from the region. At over a mile long and half mile wide at it's widest, the lake and surrounding mountains are a site to see. 
In the center of the lake is Bled Island, looking to sit quite out of the ordinary.  On the islands are the remains of a pre-Roman Chapel and cemetary dating back to as early as 9 AD.  A church that stands on the site currently, visible from the shoreline, is open from 8am until dark.  Quite a scene for sure, and that is just the beginning.  Find one of the cheap and highly regarded places to stay in Slovenia and stay a while without breaking the bank.
Predjama Castle in Postojna
Where You Should Be! - SloveniaSlovenia has a thing for castles, and Postojna Castle is another in the impressive arsenal this country calls it's own.  Located right on the edge of the Postojna Caves, the castle looks as if it about to be engulfed by land, and this is only the starting point for an extreme adventure down into the Earth. (Photo "Red Dawn" by ivanmarn)
Caving fans will get great joy out of the Postojna Caves as it is one of the largest cave complexes open to explore on the planet.  With over 20 km of paths and some chambers passing 50 meters in height, the entire 90 minute tour is sure to impress in one of the most extreme formations on the planet.
Get Around Slovenia
Slovenia has a very integrated train network that will help you get to most of the popular attractions and region in the country.  With Ljubljana being a hub, it is likely that you'll always have to make a transfer in the city, but those with the time can be sure to save some serious cash with this method.  For all other modes, a bus network is available to fill the gaps for when trains are unavailable or time a factor.
As with all places you could visit, we only touch on some of the cool sites the location has to offer that we would like to visit ourselves.  For more information on Slovenia, check out and visit on your next trip!

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