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Where You Should Be! - Reykjavik, Iceland

By Livingthedreamrtw @livingdreamrtw
Where Should Reykjavik, IcelandToday's entry into the weekly series "Where You Should Be!" features the beautiful city of Reykjavik, Iceland.
In being Iceland's largest city at a population just over 110,000 people, the capital city and tourist hotspot is different from most cities in the world in that the small town feel shows strong.  Before heading out of the city to the country to stay in unusual types of accommodation, try out the famous geo-thermal swimming pools, or to just experience nature, Reykjavik proper is worth getting to know as well!  (Photo "Hallgrimskirkja 3" by zenpixel)
Explore Reykjavik's Historical Attractions
Where Should Reykjavik, IcelandAs we will further describe in our "Get Around Reykjavik" section below, the best way to see the city is by walking!  On your walking tour of the city, there are many historical attractions worth seeing that will give you a great insight into how the city and country operates as well as their extensive history throughout the years.   While you are out, be sure to check out the following attractions (Photo "Lake Tjornin" by C_Hickson):
The Perlan - Located on higher ground in the city, "The Pearl" has great views that will let you look over the entire city you are about to see.
Tjornin Lake - Home to the City Hall and a beautiful lake that is frequented by many locals and visitors alike.
Imagine Peace Tower - A memorial to John Lennon from Yoko Ono.
The Culture House - A museum dedicated to a collection of amazing medieval manuscripts collected from around the world and additional exhibits about Iceland as well.
Geo-Thermal Swimming Pools
Where Should Reykjavik, IcelandUnlike many parts of the world, Iceland sits on a great bed of geo-thermal activity and harness this amazing power in many unique ways including the world famous geo-thermal swimming pools.  A heated pool is a luxury in cold environments, and by using the Earth's heat to their advantage Icelanders have many naturally heated pools to enjoy throughout the country. (Photo "Thermal Baths of Harkany" by hbrinkman)
While a public pool may not be of interest to many at home, Icelanders use this as a great way to hang out, relax, and catch up with friends.  In fact, visiting these has often been compared to going out to a bar - it is that popular. 
With many to visit in near distance to Reykjavik, the choice may be hard.  As with most places throughout the world, asking your hotel's front desk manager will get you the best choice that is their personal favorite, as they are likely to have a strong opinion on where you should go!   When there, be sure to follow all the rules for cleaning before and after visiting as these pools typically are chemical free and require the utmost attention to cleanliness for all visitors.
Get Around Reykjavik
With it's size, transportation around Reykjavik and surrounding regions is simple: walk!  As most tourist attractions are within a short distance from most Reykjavik hotels, exploring the city is best done the way that it was intended so be prepared to walk during your trip to Iceland!  If walking is not of your style, the public bus system frequents many of the destinations you'd like to see and even sells tourist cards that are good for free entries to museums and unlimited bus rides for one, two, or three days.
For more information regarding Reykjavik or the many outdoor adventure activities you can do just a short distance out of the city in Iceland, visit our friends at My Destination Reykjavik and begin planning your adventure!

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