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Where You Should Be! - Namibia

By Livingthedreamrtw @livingdreamrtw
Where You Should Be! - NamibiaToday's entry into the weekly series "Where You Should Be!" features the African nation of Namibia!
Often not on many tourist's radar, Namibia is a great spot for catching a number of different aspects that Africa has to offer.  Although visiting their national parks on a game watch is one of the most popular activities, you may be surprised to find out that Namibia has a rather large desert and some great rock formations that rise almost a mile above sea level.  With such oddities, you may not even think you are in Africa after seeing them!  (Photo "Namib Desert" by pinzino)
Go Big Game Trekking in Waterberg Plateau Park
Where You Should Be! - NamibiaThe Waterberg Plateau Park of Namibia is one of the country's largest sanctuaries for rare and endangered species.  At over 40,000 hectares of area (almost 175 square miles), the region is home to antelope, the incredibly rare black rhino, and hundreds of species of birds.  (Photo "Giraffe" by lombs)
Get out and go on a rough hike on the wilderness trails that can last several days throughout the summer months.  But be forewarned, group numbers are severely limited and temperatures can get as hot as 40°C (104°F) making for a rough hike for those who are not used to walking for extended periods in such conditions.
When you're done, relax in one of the nearby bungalows, a standard accommodation in Namibia that is always worth checking out or head back to civilization and try new cuisine with a local in one of the many Namibia restaurants.
Visit the Desert Region of Sossusvlei
Where You Should Be! - NamibiaThe Namib Desert is a different, but popular tourist attraction that the country has to offer, and Sossusvlei is a great starting point to explore this unusual region.  The sossusvlei is a muddy low land zone that forms every 5-10 years when a river pops up in times if significant rain fall.   This process has repeated over the centuries and millennium and combined with the intense heat of the region, a desert full of dunes has emerged (the tallest is well over 1000 feet!).  (Photo "Desert Evening in the Namib" by hermanopan)
One of the most popular activities in the Namib Desert is to climb dune 45 for the sunrise.  Yes, dune 45.  Much like climbing Mount Sinai in Egypt or Mt Fuji in Japan, climbing an impressively large dune to see the sun come up is a must do activity for all visitors to the region.  Dune 45 is chosen by most for its great accessibility and general quality of climb. 
Get Around Namibia
Namibia boasts an impressive road network that is kept to a higher standard than most countries in Africa.  With many roads being completely paved you may be interested in renting a car for your adventures around the country, but be careful when driving at night because animals do cross the road.  Those not wishing to do their own driving are also in luck, because Namibia has a great bus and train network that services most popular spots throughout the country. 
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