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Where You Should Be! - Montreal, Canada

By Livingthedreamrtw @livingdreamrtw
Where You Should Be! - Montreal, Canada Today's entry into the weekly series Where You Should Be! is the French-Canadian city of Montreal!
In being the second largest city in Canada and second largest French speaking city in the world, Montreal is not only a great city to visit but one of the most livable in Canada.  With great culture, historical and modern quarters, and prime location to outdoor activities, you can truly say that Montreal has it all. (Photo "Montreal Sky" by clavarda)
Visit Old Montreal
Where You Should Be! - Montreal, Canada We cannot talk about Montreal without mentioning the historic quarter of Old Montreal. This quarter in Montreal feels like you have been transported a world away even though you are still inside the city.  With several hundred year old buildings, churches such as the Notre-Dame Basilica, and the famous Bonsecours Market, it is quite possible to walk through the entire history of Montreal within a few short blocks. 
After exploring the historical side of Montreal, make a quick jump into the Underground City of Montreal, one of the largest underground complexes in the world!  This underground site needs to be seen to be believed as it encompasses almost 5 square miles and has approximately 20 miles of tunnels that connect every business and living establishment imaginable.  This modern architecture is the perfect balance for the historical in a day out in Montreal.  (Photo "Sun Rays into Notre Dame Basilica" by shammeera)
See the City via Outdoor Sports
While exploring the museums and cultural spots in Montreal is an activity well worth your limited time as a visitor, exploring the city through the means of outdoor adventure sports is one option that shines only in Montreal.  Between summer and winter activities, you cannot go wrong with exploring some of the best outdoor spots the city has to offer.
Summer - Without a doubt, the best summertime activity to pursue in Montreal is kayaking and the cities waterways offer various spots for kayakers of all skill levels.
Winter - When the temperatures drop outdoor sports come alive in the city.  Parks are transformed for opportunities for cross-country skiing and numerous spots for ice skating pop up across the entire city.
Those looking for more adventurous sports need only get out of the city for a few hours and head south to the Adirondack mountains in the US or north to the picturesque mountain community on Mont-Tremblant.  Both destinations offer beautiful scenery, many opportunities for skiing in the winter and just about every outdoor activity in the summer months.  Regardless of the direction you know, a good time is bound to find you!
The Architecture of Montreal
Where You Should Be! - Montreal, Canada The World's Fair in 1967 inspired a architectural revolution in the city of Montreal, and many designers flocked to the city to have their creations appear side-by-side with the beautiful Biosphere that was developed for the fair.
Since the fair, the Biosphere has been redesigned into an environmental museum and highlights the challenges the world faces on all environmental fronts including water, climate change, air, and sustainable development.  But to those who are wanting a grander experience, do not worry!  The Montreal Biodome, converted from an Olympic stadium in the 1976 games, is a suitable alternative for those wanting to explore life-size replicas of the four ecosystems in the Americas complete with unique plant and wildlife to match. (Photo "Biosphere Montreal" by Bertrand31840)
The Biosphere and Biodome are just two of the many unique architectural designs that have been developed over the decades in Montreal.  For those looking to stay a while, those looking for a modern condo in Montreal can easily find those that suit a number of styles including modern, historical, or even LEED certified for sustainable designs that the city has embraced.  So while walking around the city, be sure to take in the building designs that surround you, as you never know what kind of history they truly have!
Get Around Montreal
Getting around Montreal is easy due to a great public rail system known as the Societe de Transport de Montreal.  The flat ticket price is $3.00 per ride up to 90 minutes in length; however, for tourists a day pass for $8 may be the best investment or $16 for a 3-day pass for those staying in the city longer to explore.
Whether you visit Montreal for work, pleasure, or to live, the city has something for everyone and is has many wonderful attractions that remain from the last 400 years and look forward to the next 400. No matter what choice you make, your time in Montreal will be a blast!

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