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Where You Should Be! - Ibiza, Spain

By Livingthedreamrtw @livingdreamrtw
Where You Should Be! - Ibiza, SpainToday's entry into the weekly series "Where You Should Be!" is the electric island of Ibiza, Spain.
If you have wondered where you heard the name Ibiza before, it is probably due to its fame as being one of the biggest party scenes in the world.  But whether you want to head out to a club and dance to world class DJs or just chill out on a beach, the small Spanish island has a lot of options and can suit all tastes if you just know where to look. (Photo "Sea and Sky" by robertovm)
Want to Party? Head to San Antonio
Where You Should Be! - Ibiza, SpainThe club scene in San Antonio has exploded into something with world fame, and it is the go to spot for the best DJs to come and show their skills off to hungry party goers.  This is definitely the spot to stay out late and sleep during the day, however choosing the best club may be difficult as there are just that many to check out.   (Photo "Ibiza 2006" by martina123)
Make friends and talk with desk attendants at your hotels and see where the best club is for you, but do not be surprised if they come back and say that it is slightly out of the city.  Hope in a cab, head out, and party until the sun comes up!
Go to the Caves, Stay for the Views
It may be a bit backwards to think that a small island would have a great cave system, but Cova de Can Marca is sure to impress.  Only open to the public in the last 40 years, the cave systems are a great step back in time with incredible formations highlighted with beautiful lighting.   The watchful eye can even see signs of where smugglers used to hide their wares before the cave system was explored and opened for all.
The use of the cave by smuggles is impressive, because the Cova de Can Marca is elevated more than 40 feet above sea level!   To get their goods into the caves, the smugglers had to devise a pulley system to raise their items to small entry points throughout.  Now this elevation plays to the tourist's advantage as the sea and neighboring islands present themselves in one of the most beautiful vistas the island can allow and is definitely a must see just for this view.
Head to Formentera for the Beaches
Where You Should Be! - Ibiza, SpainWhile Ibiza has many beaches, the neighboring island of Formentera has a quality of beach that is unrivaled in the Mediterranean.   With so many to choose from, all with crystal clear waters and without many tourists, picking the one you want to visit may be rough.  It is with this reason that renting a moped and driving to them all is the best course of action, that way any rough seas, high winds, or random crowd can be avoided by heading one beach over.   After spending time at the beach all day, be sure to check out one of the many little restaurants found around Formentera for some great local food at relatively modest prices.  (Photo "Formentera's Playa" by feebuux)
Get Around Ibiza
Although the island of Ibiza is relatively small, it is not recommended to drive unless familiar with local driving patterns.  Instead, an integrated bus network is available to take you to most major towns and after that walking is the best mode of seeing each city you may visit.

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