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Where Is Your Customers’ Attention Right Now?

Posted on the 17 March 2016 by Marketingtango @marketingtango
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  • March 17, 2016
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Where Is Your Customers’ Attention Right Now?

Quick. Without looking, where is your phone? Chances are, it’s not more than five feet away. That should tell you all you need to know about the current direction of integrated marketing.

But you don’t have to listen to us (or your phone). Try Gary, instead.

Gary Gets It

Gary Vaynerchuk, of Wine Library TV and Vayner Media, has been crushing it in the Thank-You Economy for years, and doing so by staying consistently ahead of the curve. Recently, he blogged about where he sees marketing heading in 2016 and beyond.

Where Your Marketing Should Be

The problem for most marketers, says Vaynerchuck, is that they are living in the past.

“The mistake they are making is this: they are not following where consumers’ attention is going. And in marketing, we need to be placing importance on attention, not impressions. Too many marketers blow their budget on…print advertising and other media “that no longer have the attention to justify the cost.”

The two areas today where businesses of all sizes should be concentrating their marketing efforts are: (1) mobile, which includes social networks and apps, and (2) video.

Whenever people have their fun interrupted by an ad, they instinctively turn to their smartphone for more entertainment. Hence, the phone is never far away.

Methods of Mobile

Mobile marketing provides myriad avenues for catching the customer’s attention. Share compelling images and videos on Instagram. Answer or pose questions on Quora. Pass along updates on LinkedIn. Share video with Vine, Snapchat, or Periscope.

Right now video is the medium with the most consumer attention, as Gary V. sees it.

The Internet has helped make the tools for creating quality video content more affordable, accessible, and easier to use than ever. And the social networks that are gaining ground are doing so because of their emphasis on video.

The Big Three Networks

Back in the Golden Age of television, the Big Three were NBC, CBS and ABC.

Today, the big three social networks are Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Each is capitalizing on video in unique ways that allow for amazing targeting and brand storytelling capabilities.

The bottom line for Vaynerchuk is that marketers need to follow the customers, and go wherever they like to go, instead of expecting them to follow you. If your customers spend their free time on smartphones watching videos, then that should be a good reason for you to make videos.

See our ever-expanding archive for a host of helpful video-making tips.

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