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Where is the Buzz?

By Golfrefugees

With Adidas shareholders deciding there isn't enough money to be made in golf equipment, even with one of the biggest brands; TaylorMade. And their USA CEO estimating it could take golf between 5-10 years to establish new entry points for consumers. Where has the buzz gone from golf equipment?
Top golf professionals are sponsored to sell goods to the rest of us. For many years there has been a dilemma with golf pros already hitting the ball too far, while the abilities and difficulties of golf for recreational players has remained the same. The equipment rules are struggling to restrain the more athletic professionals and at the same time denying the latest technology to the majority of golfers.
There must be a solution. Doing nothing, which appears to be the answer from the governing bodies, is a recipe for more course closures and major sport conglomerates pulling out.
What would Golf Refugees do?
We would allow brands to make unrestricted golf clubs, from drivers, irons, wedges and putters. These clubs would be as good as technology allows.
Golf professionals would be permitted to carry one of these clubs within the maximum number of 14, of their own choice, whether that is an unrestricted driver, putter; and use it only on three holes per round.
Recreational golfers are allowed to carry seven of these unrestricted clubs and use them on every hole.
These measures do require further scrutiny and ‘thinking through’ They are intended to form the basis of unlocking the current ‘stalemate’ and bringing back ‘real’ improvements, excitement on product launches and hope for recreational golfers who have restricted practice / playing time, through work and family commitments.
Please let us know your thoughts and solutions.

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