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Where Have All the Cute Nursing Shirts Gone?

By Cwtmommy @cwtmommy

I got a special request from psychobabble about nursing shirts and tops. This isn't something I've delved too deep into, because frankly, most nursing shirts these days are U-G-L-Y. I think I have two and the one that's decent enough is from Gap, here. But still, I rarely wear it outside the house because I think it looks like a purple potato sack. So I went into research mode for a bit to see what I could find on the internets. These are more of products I saw that I liked rather than "promoting" companies as a whole. And no, not everyone will like what I like, but I'll do that best I can.

I am also more of a dress person, so I'll have some dresses in there too

OneHotMama Cap Sleeve Dress

MotherWear Bonjour Dress

MotherWear Timeless Dress

MotherHood Short Sleeve Striped Top

A Mother's Boutique Knot Babydoll Top <-- uber cute, but pricey :(

A Mother's Boutique Manhattan Mini Dress

A Mother's Boutique Eclectic Beaded Top

Man...there just isn't a lot out there for someone picky. Hopefully this will get you started on some of the more unique nursing tops (and dresses). Also remember to check your local Kohls, Target, JcPenny, Marshalls, TJMaxx for options. Sometimes you can find maternity clothes that double as nursing, or you can just use as nursing.

Good luck psychobabble and thanks for the question!

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