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Last Review of Nursing Styles!

By Cwtmommy @cwtmommy

I saved the chemise for last. I didn't know what to expect, and frankly, I almost didn't want to try/buy it.

And so begins a tale of I wish I'd known...

I guess I'm not a chemise/nightgown person, let alone a nursing chemise person. I'm more of a shorts and cami person. I just don't feel right if I don't have shorts or some type of pants on. I've never been one to sleep in the buff. And even though I had a night gown on, it still felt like I was naked. The convenience of the nursing latch was the same as if it were a nursing bra and cami. So there was no advantage on that front.

I hate that it only comes in black. Sometimes black is nice if you wanna hide spills and what not. But I'm sleeping, I'm not feeding a messy 3 year old with flinging spoons. I wish there was something more pretty or feminine.

It says hand wash only and line dry. So on top of being the busiest mommy in the world, I'm supposed to take away my convenient washer and dryer and slave away hand washing and then waiting for dry clothes. No way. That should have been my first sign.

I would bet a million dollars that there are nursing moms who can't live without this type of product, and that's ok! In fact, that's great! You've got something that works great for you. But one woman's treasure is another woman's trash. I'm going to look into returning it. I have no use for this thing. Sorry leading lady and fans of chemises :(

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