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Where Are the Authoritarians Taking America – Same Place as Texas, SC, WI?

Posted on the 22 July 2011 by Andy96

Will the country default by not raising the debt limit? The consensus, which is growing but does not include the political ‘adolescents’ in the Tea Party, is no, we won’t. It’s too dangerous. The real question is why are we being put through this ringer by the elected authoritarians and passive progressives in DC?

The whole debt/deficit situation is a manufactured distraction. The real issue, that is only given lip service, is getting the economy moving again and getting Americans back to work.

If the economy were improving now or next year before the 2012 elections and employment started rising, which political party would benefit at the 2012 polls? Which political party wants to make sure that benefit is not forthcoming?

Reducing the national debt won’t do it. Just look at what is happening at the state level. Reducing state debt has only resulted in more unemployed.

Thus we have all this distraction over the debt, deficit, and debt limit while ignoring both the economy and those Americans whose jobs were destroyed during the Great Recession.

It’s all about authoritarians regaining control of the Federal government and doing to the nation what has been done to Texas – creating a single party state that only benefits corporations. Yes, Texas is great for corporations, but look at what’s happening to their middle class. They are getting poorer as corporations get richer.

Texas statistics:

This has to stop and if you want to help, sign-up with Rebuild the Dream.

Also, our national debt today needs a little historical perspective. It was much higher at the end of WWII and the Greatest Generation became the most prosperous middle class in the following 35 years. And that was with much higher income taxes than we have today.

Where are the Authoritarians Taking America – Same Place as Texas, SC, WI?

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