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When You Think All Hope Is Gone…….Think Again!

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

When You Think All Hope Is Gone…….Think Again!

In the fall of 2010 right before Christmas, I purchased a beautiful large evergreen plant. The plant was perfect for me because it required very little maintenance and didn’t require me to re-plot and water it all the time. Trust me; I’ve killed many plants in my day because I didn’t know how to properly care for it. So here I am with this beautiful plant that I’ve purchased to bring a little bit of nature inside my home. When I first got it, I watered it, nurtured it, and admired its beauty as it sat on my living room floor glistening in the sunlight. The busier I got, the more I forgot about the plant I admired so much when it first came into my life. Suddenly 3 months later the plant still in its same spot was no longer vibrant and thriving. The shades of green had become brown and dull. The branches that once stood firm and tall had begin to collapse and the plant was simply lifeless. I picked the plant up off the floor and sat it on a stand by the window. I watered it and waited patiently hoping to see if the plant that I once cared so much about would once again stand tall. Every living thing desires one thing…love and love has to be nurtured in order for it to thrive.

I have read many blogs and articles about love and what love is and what it’s supposed to feel like, look like, and sound like. The definition of love varies from person to person because if you were never shown love or if you don’t love yourself you couldn’t possibly know the correct way to give love. Love is an action word and although the words are not always spoken it is felt within the heart through the actions of another. In my opinion, love looks like a warm blanket after a day out in the cold. It embraces you, wraps you in its warmth, and soothes you. It looks like a cozy bed after a long busy day. It invites you, provides you with comfort, and relaxes your mind. Love sounds like the bravest soldier commanding his troops it shows no fear and is ready to fight any battle or obstacles put in its path. Love makes you feel as though you can fly and if you fall you know it’s there to catch you. You feel safe, empowered, beautiful, and nervous at the same time because it sees past any imperfections. It is unconditional and makes an imperfect person seem perfect in your eyes. You fight for it, you stand up for it, and you cherish it because true unconditional love is rare.

This is how I describe love but some may describe it differently. Love is a strong emotion that constantly needs to be shown and not said. My faith in love has been at an all time low and I think I needed to write this more for myself then for my readers. Love is a 2 way street it has to be equally given & received. As for my plant, after watering it and giving it the attention it needed, it slowly came back to life one tiny branch at a time. You can feel like all is lost and slowly overtime love can be reborn one branch at a time. There’s hope! True love never dies it lies dormant within us waiting for something or someone to revive it. So when you think all hope is gone, think again!

The only thing anyone could ever hope for is to love and be loved in return the right way. When you plant the seeds of love and nurture it correctly. It’s bound to grow into something beautiful. Life is substained through Faith, Hope, & Love and the greater of these is Love.

When You Think All Hope Is Gone…….Think Again!

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