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When You Stop Holding on to the Wrong Things, You Give Room for the Right Things to Hold You.

By Lifestreasury
Hey amazing readers. How are we doing today? It has been a workful season for me but then I must say it has been awesome. So yeah! What are we up to today? I am here once again to inject some positivity into you and spark your Spirit man to believe in who you are and not what they say you are.
Be careful, that might just be harmful to you do not hold on there any further.
I will be telling you about Four areas you should apply caution and ask yourself am I holding on to the right thing? But first of all I have to make you understand that to change who you are starts from a thought. Activate your thinking skills. Most times we are holding on to the wrong things but the inability to pull back for a minute and think makes us get to a point of regret. But I believe that will never be your case.
Yeah! The 4 areas I think we should apply caution when threading are:
There are lots of areas but I am going to be spreading more light on these because 90 percent of people fall victims in these areas.
-Relationship: What type of relationship are you in? Does it make you want to do more in life? Does your partner encourage you and vice-versa? Is your relationship making you a better person or otherwise? These questions are questions I definitely cannot answer for you, you just have to activate your thinking ability. But I will say a few about these questions and why you should not hold on to the negatives of it.
I naturally think a relationship should be your foundation for growth. A platform to move ahead and a stage where you have your number 1 fan cheering at you and encouraging you to do better, build your confidence and make you happy. Ask yourself am I in a relationship that if my spouse becomes Obama/Queen Elizabeth someday I could actually climb the podium to speak to the audience. Your partner is one who is supposed to help you grow your confidence, give you room to speak and hear what you have to say.
A relationship is a stage where you have your number 1 fan cheering at you and encouraging you to do better.
What's yours?

- Friendship: What types of friends do you keep? Is there a clear separation of friends and acquaintances in your life? Do your friends make you want to live right or do the wrong things? If your friends are called out, will you be proud to identify them as your friends? Here we need to sit and think again. Do not get me wrong, those who are wrong to you might just be right for others, so even if you have to think out the answers to these questions and make a move never make anyone feel terrible about themselves.
You have the right to choose who you call friends. Your friends should be people who you learn from and those who learn from you and I am sure we all have what we call good and what we call bad but the overall good on earth is the way of GOD. So if you must have friends I believe they should be friends that you can proudly identify with people who bring out the best in you.
You have the right to choose your friends, it's a self decision so choose right.
- Vision: Are we living our dreams or another's? Are you doing something now because you assume it is the right way to go not because your passion drives it. There is a saying that I love
If you do not know where you are going, everywhere seems like it.
Make the decision to find out what you were created for, you were designed for a reason and make sure you are doing it right. Living the wrong dream is like giving money to the wrong debtor and who does not like money?, they will collect and say thank you even when they know its not theirs, so you have to start saving again. Do it right the first time, the hurdles will come along the road but that should not make you loose the right path.
Past: Stop trying to hold onto the past. – You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading your last one.
So I ask you today, are you holding on to the right RELATIONSHIP?
Are you holding on to the right FRIENDS?
Are you holding on to the right VISION?
If yes, bravoooo. And if No, it is never (NEVER) too late to drop that and pick up the right thing.
I know you can.
Is there anything you know is wrong to hold on to?  Kindly let us know in the comment box below.

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