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Making Wise Use of Your Time

By Lifestreasury

Making Wise Use of your Time"Tick Says the Clock, Tick Tick, what you have to do, do quick"
Does this song sound familiar to anyone? I am sure the Ajebutters will relate better. 
Happy Sunday Lovelies. 
I was journeying home from church today and that song came to mind. Nursery rhymes we sang without placing any meaning to it. 
But as I sang it in my head, I heard it speak to me and I thought to share with you. You know I love it when I discuss with you. 
Never assume you have all the time in the world for you to take your time procrastinating and dragging your feet in getting things done. 
Time waits for no one and like my song goes, tick says the clock. The clock keeps ticking it does not stop(I wonder) even  though some days you pray for it to pause for a while and wait for you but then trust me, If wishes were horses.
It is important that as we try to do everything and anything we should also try to manage our time, by treating priorities before minorities. Give little or no room to distractions. Have a plan, set your realistic goals in measurable manner. 
Work on better and more productive ways to getting things done. Technology has come to help us, find out the app or drive that can help you achieve a task faster. 
Use time wisely because remember Tick says the Clock, Tick tick, what you have to do, do quick. 
I am considering coming live to share my messages rather than writing. But for now the ministry must still keep moving. 
I love you all and I know you can do it because IT IS POSSIBLE. I believe so much in you. 
I will like to know how many of us sang this song in Nursey school, please reply with "Aunty I" in the comment box. Let us sieve the Ajebutter from AjeKpako.
Find out things(app, gadget or articles) you can use to enhance your time. 
I will be sharing a new finding tomorrow, I saw it and I loved it, I believe you should too, I am sorry, I feel like I should just keep writing. 
But I have to run, Sunday Jollof Rice Loading topped with Chicken and ......byee.

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