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The Person in the Waiting Room.

By Lifestreasury
The Person in the Waiting Room.I was having a meeting with one of my mentors today and it brought a light bulb moment(God bless mentors) 
He made me understand that sometimes you do not just have to settle for anything, all you need do is just keep waiting. 
You do not necessarily have to take that leap from your job just because the next looks enticing and hell no this other job did not just soothe you anymore. It's possible that where you are does not suit you but it does not necessarily mean that just any leap is the leap for you. 
A few questions have to be answered first and I will be talking about the most important question:
Does it give you peace? 
It is possible that something looks so nice, it even coincidentally tallies with what you have set your mind to achieve but then does it give you peace on your inside. 
The very clear truth is we all know when we are at peace with something or someone and when we naturally do not welcome them from within but we try so hard to bake the situation and just go with the excuse of it tallies with what I told God or what I imagined in this year 2016. 
The question is not about the tally, it is about the peace because that is the clearest way of making a decision and if you get sincere with yourself, you just make that decision to stay waiting. 
Who says it's easy, when almost the truth stares you in your face. 
But ask yourself would you rather settle for almost the truth or stay waiting for the truth. 
The truth is not a myth, it is a reality.

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