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When Someone Walks Out of Our Life, Have We Really Lost?

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

When Someone Walks Out of Our Life, Have We Really Lost?

Today I’m really in a funk and I think one of the things I love about blogging and this whole new media craze is the fact that I can get it out and vent to the whole world…LOL. I’m starting to think that the people I attract are clueless, discombobulated, or just plain off their rocker. Nothing aggravates me more than a confused person who turns around and tries to make you confused. Some people are so crazy until you really have to take a good look at yourself and wonder if you’re crazy to. I have literally asked my family if I was possibly off my rocker or was there something slightly “special” about me. Luckily, they assured me that I was among the sane!

The good thing is I’m really starting to realize how people are placed in your life and the purpose of them being removed. I’m thinking if they’re not removed I would probably have to eventually go upside their head. Since like attracts like, I’m simply not crazy or discombobulated enough to remain in their life or have them remain in mine. Have you ever been around a couple and both of them were crazy and you wondered how the hell they stayed together? Well now you have your answer! I have always felt and still do feel that when people want to walk out your life let them, it’s their lost. This not only goes for your love life, this goes for friends and family as well. Sometimes no matter how much it may hurt it just best to love people from a distance and keep pressing forward with your life. One guarantee that I can make is this, if you’re a good person who’s been good to people, you will be missed and one day the person will indeed wake up or have this light bulb moment and say “damn I fu*ked up! By the time people realized they had the best, the best has found better.

So this is my vent for today! I give myself 24 hours to be in a funk and then I get up and start the day fresh with a new perception and a better outlook on any given situation. Hey, we all have those days! So the question that I have in my head is if we loved someone and it didn’t work out or they weren’t who we thought they were…have we really lost? If we’ve loved a platonic friend who we thought was true blue but turned out they wasn’t…have we really lost? If we loved anyone who in the end took us for granted or misused us…have we really lost when they walk out our life….HELL NO!

Cut your losses and move on to a better future! Let crazy go out and find crazy!

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