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When Should You Automate Your Email Marketing?

Posted on the 21 May 2014 by Marketingtango @marketingtango

When Should You Automate Your Email Marketing?

Email marketing remains a highly efficient and cost-effective way to target your prospects and customers. But simple email campaigns lose their effectiveness when your product requires a lot of research or involves a longer, more complex decision-making process.

Consider designing your next campaign with a series of emails, instead of a marketing campaign with a single email. By automating parts of your email campaign, you can nurture your leads by seeing quickly where they are in the process and helping them along to the next stage until the sale is complete finally.

Simplify Marketing with Automation

The idea of automation may sound complicated, but it’s meant to simplify your marketing by using customer data and personalized triggers. Here’s one example of a simple automated email campaign:

1) Email your prospect an invitation to download a free report

2) Email a thank you note to anyone who downloaded the report

3) Send a relevant case study about another customer in the same industry to the people who downloaded the report

4) Create an alert so that if your prospect clicks on the case study, your sales rep receives a notice to follow up

Are You Ready to Automate Your Email Marketing?

It’s not always obvious when it’s time to make the move. According to Marketo, you should consider email marketing automation if:

•   Your customers’ buying process lasts longer than a week.

•   Emails alone do not drive sales.

•   You need an easier way to create and send targeted, multi-touch email campaigns.

•   You need a quicker, easier way to deploy website forms and landing pages.

•   You need to send different messages to different job titles or industries.

•   You sell different products or services to different demographics.

•   Your marketing team doesn’t have enough time to do everything with current resources.

•   Salespeople complain about the quality of leads.

•   You want to learn which marketing campaigns are most effective.

For more tips on how to use data to automate your next email campaign, read “The Data Dilemma: Four Ways to Email Smarter” and “Connect More Directly by Using List Segmentation.”

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