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When Self Awareness Can Be My Best Friend.

By Jenrene

Self-evaluation can help you to see your vulnerabilities.  I know, I know… that may not be the best news! Yet vulnerabilities checked help you strive to be less self-centered and more on task with your life goals.

Yet sometimes knowing your own personal characteristics  and honoring them can turn into an amazing strength. I often I have this deep need to offer myself :the principle of allowance“.   One one hand,  it allows me  to give myself  “permission” to be FREE to make decisions regarding  my life. I am always adjusting, self-evaluating, yielding, purposing, helping , adapting, and changing because change is how I grow. I challenge myself to be in a continual state of growth, because I believe it’s a good way to help myself evolve into the person God wants me to be.  What I didn’t realize is that  with this, I challenge  myself to be on ‘thought overload’. It makes me like a turtle in its shell sometimes that wants to  retreat and hibernate because I find myself self-reflecting.

Yet this is where the “deep thinker” identity is born. And…also:  my writings .

I believe there are three benefits that come from self-reflection and self-challenge:

1. You recognize your dreams.

Dreams come true when you can recognize WHO and WHOSE you are.You begin to travel and seek out  paths unknown  yet they you ignite you to your purpose on an even higher level. Like self-awareness causes one to grow – a lack of self-awareness or inability to be transparent and open-minded can stagnate you.

2. You open yourself up to better opportunities.

Some of my greatest opportunities have come from deep, intense thought and prayer. Spending time with my hobbies and like-minded people who have similar goals and sharing these thoughts have offered me the privilege of being a part of great teams and sharing great synergy.

3. You learn how to self-nurture: care for yourself in body mind and  soul.

You learn about what you should prioritize and also how to keep it sacred. You learn how to meet your own needs. One of the biggest discrepancies in life is we substitute people, places and things – that are not sacred and beneficial for us – for what  either God can meet as a need, or we can  do ourselves.

Here is the exercise I completed to find out more about myself:

Across the top of a blank piece of paper write these five titles:

( Character Traits, Needs, Values, Strengths & Motivations) and then add five to ten qualities  about yourself underneath them:

Character  Traits/ My Needs/ My Values/ My Strengths/My Motivators
Cordial       Friends    Balance       Trustworthy    Writing
Introvert     Quiet    My Faith      Resilient     The Ocean
Fearless  To Journal  Honesty    Personable  My Hubby
Leader       Rest     Integrity    Encourager     Dreaming
Committed    Comfort  Allowance     Deep Thinker    Exercising
Peaceful      Prayer  Stability    Perseverance      My Life Work
I found the one most powerful  thoughts I had ever experienced was that I must challenge myself to meet my own needs; because it is THERE that I find the most solace and self awareness within.

Do you ask yourself: “What do you need?”  And how many times a day do you attempt to answer it?

I find that I struggle when I don’t take care of my needs or allow God to do so.   I wind up in a bad place, sometimes because then I tend to take care of everyone else’s needs  before my own.   I am learning this is not a good habit to develop. Taking time for “me” …will energize me FOR everyone else.

Motivation helps to keep your purpose fueled. What are your motivators?  If you don’t know, you should find out. It’s very  important to keep your coals burning and sparked, never allowing them to go out. If you work on fueling your passions you will begin to find your answers will begin to meet you at the front door.

LIVE LIFE WITH GREAT EXPECTATION. It’s the greatest gift you can offer to yourself, your children, your hope and your future. It’s what God looks for in you. I have experienced more miracles in the past five years of my life more than I ever have. Yet,  whent hey first begin to happen, I complained about them.  Miracles require too much to adjust to and the CHANGE that accomplanies it can be completely overwhelming!  Yet I decided I will stay in EXPECTATION (of good)  and work to do MY VERY BEST.  If you are single, make it a point to strive to be matched to your life partner if you plan to fulfill God’ s purpose in your life.  God helps you to be successful by matchingyou with the right person. This match helps you BOTH to stay focused on honoring God  together. It’s so important not to settle for less than God’s best for your life.

For another exercise, try this one on yourself.  Read more about personality factors here - by  Raymond Cattell.


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