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When Mum Used to Listen to Cool Music

By Yourfamilysurvivalcoach @shari_brewer

When this Mum used to listen to cool music, it was, it seems, a long, long time ago. Sigh. In the flurry of children’s entertainment which I embrace to keep the peace, it seems my own love of music has taken a very much back seat. Home alone time, is rare, and it’s home alone time when a cranked up stereo sounds its very best. Lately the music to my ears has either been the dub-step beat enjoyed (really??) by my Mr Big Boy, the clarinet practice of my Middle Young Man or the fignernails-on-chalkboard of Justine Clarke. (I know the gorgeous Justine is a well, loved and entertaining Play School presenter …. but please lady …. no more music clips!!)

I must say that the producers of children’s music have done their market research very well, it’s a true craft linking lyrics and tunes into a rhythmic sequence. Successful artists in this genre mange to create music that not only engages kiddies but also sends Mums and Dads half round the bend. These days, if there’s a tune in my head demanding to be hummed it’s more likely to be The Wiggles rather than The Screaming Tribesmen and that, my friends, is a sign of needing to get out more ;)

So if my music playlist has gone from



how’s yours looking??

I’m joining up again with the lovely Cass Can Sew for her Sunday Session #4, and she’s also wiggling this week. What have you been listening to?

When Mum used to listen to cool music


Check out Cass’ place for some Sunday grooves and if you blog, add a music post too!

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