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When in Need of More Space

By Allthingssixx @allthingssixx
when in need of More Space
From London to Paris to New York (well, the movie was the could-have-been category), and closer home in Mumbai, Delhi, Singapore and Hong Kong, the space problem continues to grow.
Because life is not a cake walk, and the dream of a bigger home may take some more time still, here is my quick fix list to make your small house more spacious.
  • opt for shorter furniture options
  • chuck the bed in your room, make it a ground level setting with a thick mattress, colored cushions and a rug. 
  • adding large mirrors enlarge a space (virtually) - simple, ain't it
  • lighter upholstery (curtains, couch covers) make a space more breathy, and seemingly less congested 
  • investing in an chest (such as these)  is idealistic and a long term fix to store many items in an organized, aesthetic way
  • opt for wall fitments to stow away show pieces and smaller day to day things like keys, belts, and mugs

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