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When I Was 5 I Had a Boy Haircut and My Boyfriend Doesn’t Like It…

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Hey guys! Are you seizing the day for all it’s potential and all that? I am… NOT! Because I’m at work at 9:47am, it’s a whopping 79 degrees of sunshine out and I’m not outside enjoying it. Yep, I’ll be albino by Halloween. Just in time to be a killer vampire. No I don’t watch Twilight and read it (a lot)… :mrgreen:


Since today is my first official day being a UC Santa Cruz Banana Slug Alumni I decided to spread my pride, yo. Yo, you know that’s how I do!

Oh!!! So I’m super excited to tell all of my 5 readers that I changed up my life today and went on a run before 8am!


I thought I’d try it and see if my tummy would do better running before eating.

I kept it slow around 10:30 min miles. Because I’ve been so sporadic lately with my fitness I had to walk a little after the 2 mile marker and again at 2.75.

My tummy did absolutely hate me and wished it could kill me with a knife in my left intestine for 15 minutes after, which left me laying on the linoleum of my kitchen curled up like a fetus but after that everything was great! I think I’m going to try running in the am a few more times.


I haven’t been hungry all morning. I think my run shocked my stomach.

But I didn’t want to completely skip so I treated myself to a Grande Awake Tea Latte with 2% and 2 pumps pumpkin spice.

Then I found these pictures at my mom’s desk which bring up a whole bunch of childhood issues.


First my obsession with cookies is clearly built into my DNA.


Second, my mother cut my hair like a boy, which always kinda bothered me. Then Max saw the pictures and was like “What did your parent’s do to you?”… which only made my current hair insecurities more intense and I think I need a hair therapist so I don’t fear boy haircuts anymore.


Their excuse is that I wouldn’t let them brush my hair. And I think this is clearly blame shifting because I would never be such a difficult child. I mean come on… I was always perfect.


Finally, I realized I haven’t changed AT ALL since 5 years old because I still make this face… all the time!


Tell me about you! I want to know…

Worst hair cut you ever had and who’s fault was it?

Cookies or brownies.

we will still be friends if you say brownies, but I might not talk to you for 4 days to let the friendship heal itself.


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