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When I'm 54 - Today Is My Birthday

By Arianel

 It's my birthday today !   a1
 As the Beatles would say....
I changed it a bit...
When I get older buzzed head for many years to come
Will you still be sending me comments
Birthday greetings,  bottle of wine?
If I'd been out of blogging  til quarter to three would you still look for me ?
Will you still need me, will you still  read me, when I'm fifty -four?


Oh, you'll be older too - Ah
And if you say the word, I could stay with you

I could be creative a show a style or 2
I can knit a beanie by the fireside
 Sunday mornings, go thrifting
Do the chazzas, digging for treasures who could ask for more?
Will you still need me, will you still read me, when I'm fifty four?

Every summer we could do a blogger's meet up in the Isle of White,
If it's not too dear
We shall skrimp and save , followers at your knees,
Vera, Chuck and Dave

Send me a comment, drop me a line stating point of view
Indicate precisely what you mean to say,
Yours sincerely, wasting away
Give me an answer, fill in the comment box, mine forevermore
Will you still need me, will you still read me, when I'm fifty-four?
 I will see you soon!Love you all!Ariane xo

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