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It's All About the Universe

By Arianel
Sometimes the Universe talks to you
A girl needs at some point a sign  to go on
I got a good one today
I checked my Instagram account this morning and to my surprise i had more 2000 followers!
Non, non can't be? what happened?
I was featured on Buzz Feed as 

                15 Amazing Senior Style Instagrammers You Should Follow Right Now

Well, i will be 55 next month so it makes me officially a seniora3As a seniorI will  wear  only colorful clothesSpend my retirement funds on DocMartensOnly use Korean CosmeticsEat as much baklavas as  I wantAnd shave my heada2What will you do when you are a senior?a1Skirts were thrifted at RenaissanceTop from the fabulous Pink Cheetah Vintage shop on Etsy DocMartens - Retaila4
See you soon

Love Arianexo

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