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When Doctors Won't Consider the Source; Educate YOURSELF

By Healthhungry @Healthhungry
I have had a very disturbing fast growing mole on my nose.  I saw my doctor, and she referred me to a dermatologist to have it removed.  In the three weeks that I had to wait; I obsessed over "self-diagnosing".  I searched and searched the Internet for pictures of comparable growths, and I learned a lot about what it "might" be.  I had decided it was a wart, or basal cell carcinoma.  The doctor told me he actually thought it looked like squamous cell carcinoma - which is more dangerous, and he told me like he was ordering a latte.  But to me, it is a very big deal.  And now I wait for the labs...
In the mean time, my primary care physician told me that I am severely Vitamin D deficient(I am on a prescription dose for the next 3 months.)  Isn't that ironic?  Generally, the ideal range(it's a simple blood test) should be in the range of 40-50.  Mine was 04.  Ummmmm yes, like almost not existing.  There have been many studies that link Vitamin D deficiency to certain cancers... and the cancer I was just biopsied for is due to overexposure to sunshine.  What the what???  You'll note that one of the causes for Vitamin D deficiency is obesity.  Ahhhh yes, the disease that keeps on giving. 
For my lifetime, I have experienced doctors who refuse to look beyond the number on the scale in considering the source of illness.  In fact, the TERRIBLY INSENSITIVE Dermatologist I saw yesterday said this, in response to my asking about the cause of another skin condition I am suffering- called rosacea, "I am not in the business of what causes things, you want to know why you have something?  Because you do.  Life happens, and you have it - so here's the medicine you can take."  Allllrighty then...  This is a medicine I stopped taking for two reasons; 1) I didn't have insurance for the past 18 months and it costs 500 dollars for a 30 day supply.  Yes you read that right.  All because the makers have a seven year patent which prohibits pharmacists from offering a generic form - and doctors make $$$$$$$$ if they prescribe it.  2) It concerns me that the drug is an antibiotic - how can it be good to be on antibiotic for the long term?? 
The doctor reassured me that this was not "that kind" of antibiotic, and not to worry - he's a doctor.  However, upon reading the teeny tiny fine print all folded up in the box of medication there was this statement; "Safety in use beyond 9 months has not been measured."  It also gives a warning that if you are pregnant, this drug has been show to cause deformity and birth defects.  Soooooo, it may not cure the disease - but I won't have red spots on my face; and isn't that what most people care about?  When symptoms are irritating, we just want to see them go away.
I have been trying the natural route; but the amount of things I have to do to keep from flaring up is a laundry list of challenges.  I will continue to try to improve all of those things(food allergies and lifestyle) so that I do not have to depend upon this INSANELY priced, likely harmful in the long-run, drug - but I am not like most Americans.  We are a country of people who want a pill, quick-fix, surgery, etc.  Very few folks want to accept that the choices they are making leading to illness... except, ironically; when it comes to obesity.  In that case, doctors will sell the "quick-fix" knowing full well that the chances of long term weight loss are less than 1%.  Even fewer want to examine the possibility that our Health Care System, while great at some things - is SEVERELY behind the times when it comes to chronic health conditions.  For a fantastic break-down of this, consider watching either "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead", or "Food Matters".  Neither of these films offer easy solutions, but they are relatively simple.
So in the mean time, I continue to fight the good fight - and focus on what's right in my life.  Some days, it's so much easier than others - but I look to those who face challenges with grace for my inspiration.  I also realize that sharing my experience is key to helping others with similar struggles, and it all reminds me that I am on the right path...

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