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When Bad Karma Strikes| Surprise!

By Singcolinquisitor @lexuzinquisitor

When Bad Karma Strikes| Surprise!In normal days, when I wake up in the morning I used to open my computer and write anything that comes into my mind and published it. But lately things are not as smooth as it used to be. Why? Read this...
I had this friend when I was in a boarding house who celebrated her birthday on the 14th. With the hope of surprising her, along with other friends we prepared something for her. We bought an ice cream, chocolate cake and we even prepare a mango float. When everything is set and ready, we went down into her room and started singing “Angels Brought Me Here” outside her door also called “Manyanita”. I was really surprised as I realized that I was the only one singing very loud, while some of my friends were just smiling though there is some also who sang the song with me but with hesitation. But since, I started it all I went through it---though the lyrics is fleeting in my tongue realizing how awkward it is---singing at 3 o’clock in the morning and my voice was really loud. When the birthday celebrant opens the door everything became different then. There were instances where we became so mellow dramatic as we utter messages to the celebrant, while most of the time the experience was very exciting and funny as we joke around and remember the moments when I used to stay at the same room and apartment.

Who would have thought that bad fate will plague me that night? Apparently, after the celebration we went up to the room where I planned to sleep that night only to find out that my bag containing my wallet, money, ATM card, cash card, Phil-health, Philippine Postal , Alumni ID, digital cam and chargers, eyeglass, newly bought mouse pad, school ID, flash drive, T-shirt, and everything inside my bag has gone forever. 

My God! I was so shocked that it lead me walk like a zombie the entire day. It was really frustrating and disappointing--- I lost everything except the phone (its my mother's) that I brought with me and my new Samsung ST65 which is a gift from a very good friend and the cash which is left after I bought the ice cream for the birthday celebration. Yeah I have my new digital cam, but how can I use it when the charger is left along with my bag which is stolen? Apparently---after the planned surprise for the birthday celebrant got successful, I got the return karma right away?Life since that day changed! What I am glad about it is that I did know who my true friends are. It’s really good to know that I may have friends before that I lost, but I gained few new ones. Yeah because of these few friends I made it through that sad and trying experience. 

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