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When Anorexia Tells Me

By Survivingana @survivingana

recovery and anorexiaThe quote below comes from just one of the most amazing, loving, inspirational young women I have met in this journey.  Her hope in recovery and her inner spirit shine. Whilst she knows she is not there yet, she continues to fight back against the anorexia, encouraging others and shining a light for them. To ‘B’, I am blessed to have you and your mom as part of my life.

Each day I choose recovery; I choose to fight against the negative thoughts.
When anorexia says I shouldn’t eat, I choose to nourish myself. When anorexia tells me I am fat, I tell anorexia it is wrong. When anorexia tells me I shouldn’t leave the house, I go out and see friends to have some fun, or go and enjoy myself at work. When anorexia tells me that others are judging me, I ignore anorexia and remind myself that even if others are judging me, that is their problem not mine. When anorexia says I am weak, I scream at anorexia and tell it I am strong. When anorexia tells me I am a failure for regaining my life, I tell anorexia to shut up, because I deserve to live freely and I will be free.
Even on my worst days I know that relapse is not an option, and it is not worth it. I am looking forward to the day when anorexia no longer lives inside my head.Recovery is possible; I have seen it. I am not yet recovered, but I know I am well on my way.Choosing recovery

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