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WhatsApp for Android Application Potential In-Hack

Posted on the 21 September 2012 by Hpmurah2u @hpmurah2u
WhatsApp Hack
Not long ago, there was a leak of information about the 1 million Apple device ID. The data were reported stolen through the FBI laptop. Suddenly this event attention of many parties. Now, one of the web developer more public attention about the security risks that may occur in popular instant messaging service WhatsApp for Android. This vulnerability may result in intercepts a message or sending a false message.
WhatsApp is one of instant messaging (IM) and the current popular record traffic of 10 billion messages per day. Its popularity is certainly inviting hackers to make it as the main target.
Sam Granger via Hacker News say that WhatsApp for Android is not safe, because it uses your phone number as the username and the IMEI number (which is encrypted with MD5) as the password. International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI is a number used to identify a particular type of phone.
Application WhatsApp for iPhone version does not have this vulnerability. But Granger did not know whether the version of Windows Mobile and BlackBerry versions are also using the same method.
The information disseminated Granger is not new information. WhatsApp Wikipedia already says that the service is using the phone number and IMEI. Pieces of information are inviting the hackers unlock 'another gap'.
This is not the first time WhatsApp criticism on security issues. In May 2011, also found the security holes that can be hijacked account. WhatsApp developers themselves have been told about the 'gap' is the latest application for Android, but not about providing a statement.
origin source by The Next Web

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