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Whatever Happened To … Karsten Braasch?

By Thetennistipster @Tennis_Tipster
Whatever Happened To … Karsten Braasch?

Out of Breath much?

There has been no player even close who resembles Braasch’s service action nor his attitude to fitness.

Legend has it, his fitness regime consisted of “a pack of cigarettes and a couple of bottles of ice cold lager” He even smoked during change overs! What a Champ!

He was a decent player despite all this and reached a career high of 38, so no slouch. He looked like a Chemistry teacher  and coupled with that serve he was a sight to behold. In his own words: “When I see my serve on TV, I have to laugh at myself. As long as it’s effective, I don’t have to change anything”

What are they doing now?: Last known to have been elected as vice president of 1995-96 ATP Tour Player Council (and smoking and drinking)
Career titles: 0
Win/Loss Record: 68/96
Career High Ranking: 38 (1994)
Finest moment: Beating Venus and Serena Williams in a Battle of the Sexes in 1998 at the Aussie Open
Famous For: Smoking during changeovers

Watch: vs. Lionel Roux

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