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What Types of Plants Can I Use in the Bathroom

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

What Types of Plants Can I Use in the BathroomIt’s time to change your sterile facilities into something a bit homier and comfortable. What better way than to add a few plants? Plants can help turn your stark bathroom lab into a peaceful place. You might ask yourself what types of plants can I use in the bathroom? It depends on a few factors.

First consider what type of bathroom lighting you have.

Plants need light and different plants need different amounts of light.  Your plant purchases will depend on the amount of light you have coming into your bathing space.  Think about the nursery. You’ll find plants in the greenhouse (or under the tarps) and others in the bright sun.  Which environment describes your bathroom.  Once you’ve considered that you’ll be able to pick out some nice plants for the bathroom. To help you along, we’ve provided a few commonly used bathroom plants below for you to review so you no longer have to ask yourself what plants can I use in the bathroom:

Low Lighters

Aloe Vera – this succulent plant is widely used in cosmetics and makes a great bathroom plant. This multiple spiked plant provides a medium green color and starburst shape and it’s convenient to have in the bathroom if you come home with a sunburn!

Peace Lily – these plants are commonly used because they are easy to grow and produce a nice white flower which accents it’s broad leaves. Keep it moist and give it nutrients minimally each spring.

Bamboo – commonly used in spas and other types of bath houses, these plants are more of a woody variety but make a soothing addition to your bath space.

Bright and Sunny

Asparagus Fern – These plants need bright light but not direct sun (which makes them go yellow). Add a little peat moss to the pot to give it the acidity it needs to thrive.

Orchids – these plants will require an “evenly moist” soil. Too much water and the roots will rot. Too little and you know what happens. Just test the weight of the plant. If it seems heavy, no water is needed, if it seems light add some.

Kimberly Fern – This one can survive even if you give it a good suntan. It lends a tropical look to your bathroom and it’s easy to figure out if it’s in need of water. Give it water and a bit of food 4 times a year and it’s happy.

Aspidistra – This “Cast Iron Plant” is part of the lily family and gives great dark green leaves.  It really needs light though so make sure if you decide on this one your bathroom has plenty of it.  It can be a bit more expensive because it’s slower growing but it looks great in your bathroom.

Now that you have the answer to “What type of plants can I use in my bathroom?” you can quickly and easily go down to your local nursery and pick up a few plants that will put some new vigor in your bath space!

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