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Why Floating Vanities Are More Popular Than Ever

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores
Floating Vanities

Floating Vanities

Floating vanities are not a new addition to the bathroom design landscape. For a long time, they were particularly frequent in commercial buildings such as high-end restaurants, hotel rooms, etc. However, it wasn’t until this decade that they became extremely popular in residential applications as well.

Wall-mounted vanities are much lighter and easier to transport than their huge, floor-standing, single-piece vanity counterparts. If you’re not a professional installer, you can still install it yourself. Despite this, they are portable and built to last a lifetime. Because of their unique installation procedures, wall-mounted vanities are frequently built to last longer than traditional floor-standing ones.

Are Floating vanities expensive?

Not anymore!

Are Floating vanities trendy?

In addition to being stylish, floating bathroom vanities are also practical, saving space and also providing a great deal of storage space. The rewards are numerous, and they are available in a variety of styles and finishes to suit your needs.

Because they are wall-mounted, you may be considerably pickier about where your vanity is positioned and how high or low the countertop is.

However, several manufacturers have been very creative with their floating vanity designs because wall-mounted vanities do not require a sturdy and flat surface to remain upright. Instead, many include independent compartments that may be put in various permutations and combinations to suit your preferences.

Wall-mounted bathroom sinks with modular design let you mix and match sections to suit your tastes. For example, do you want RTA bathroom vanity cabinets located in a different location? Maybe you want a vanity with two drawers on the side? Alternatively, you could add a second sink top to the unit to create a double sink.

You can do that!

How high should the floating vanity be off the ground?

According to tradition, the ideal height for a bathroom vanity is 32 inches. However, the trend is moving towards more comfortable heights of 36′′, with custom vanities reaching 40′′ or even 43′′ in length.

What is the typical height of a floating vanity?

A vessel sink vanity’s comfort height is 29-30 inches, with a normal height for these same vanities being about 25-26 inches. Keep in mind that vessel sinks will add 5-6 inches to the overall height of the installation.

Floating Vanity vs Floor Vanity

Floor-standing vanities fulfilled their role in the past, but they were heavy and unwieldy, difficult to work with, prone to stress-related damage, practically hard to move once installed, and took up more room than they gave back. Floating vanities, on the other hand, are the opposite of that.


Ultimately, it boils down to personal preference. We don’t anticipate floating vanities going away anytime soon because they provide you with greater design options with the rest of your bathroom design. We think that Floating vanities will never get replaced by Floor vanities. Neither will they replace Floor vanities. The only difference lies in an individual’s preferences!

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