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What the Thrill in Stealing?

By Coffee Kaki @askcoffeekaki

Why do people steal? What is the thrill behind stealing?
My Salomon hiking shoes just got stolen. It is less than 2 years old. My beloved shoes are gone forever to the feet of the filthy thief. I hope he does not die, but live with multiple broken bones in the face and eye sight taken away, son of a devil.
I’m struggling to understand why.
Changing my mindset is one way of overcoming the loss of my property.
Detaching my emotions to objects is another way to let go lost love.
Is it my own doing? Karma?“Oh shut it you damn mind!’ If it is, it will be self-pitying.
The problem is when the thief thinks that is rightfully his; he will have the right to steal. 
It is no longer stealing; it is taking what is theirs in the mind.
Everybody has done some stealing in their life, intentionally or unintentionally.It is what we tell our minds to believe, that the item is rightfully ours to be taken home.

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