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Are You a Dreamer Or a Planner?

By Coffee Kaki @askcoffeekaki

SAME TASK BUT DIFFERENT RESULTWhy do some people succeed and do some people fail?This question is worth a million dollar. Why a million dollar? Those who succeed with reach the million dollar table.

Is it true that some people born more intelligent or just born lucky? As always, we try to reason with two sides of our brains. Most of us simply want the end result without going through the discipline and hard work. In this time of age, we tend to give up as fast as the technology evolves.
Real lifeUber driver Alif that is able to earn on good months, RM28000 and on average months, RM15000.Uber driver Aaron earns on good months, RM2000 and on average months, RM1000.What is missing here? Both are doing the same job, but earnings totally defers.
PLANNERUber driver Alif knows the route to Airport and Genting allows him earn almost 10 times than normal city route. So he studied these destinations and various locations to pick up those customers. He set himself a goal of minimum RM500 gross income before he clocks off work. At the end of the day, 100% of his hard earned money will be deposited into the bank. 
DREAMERUber driver Aaron just drives around town, hoping to pick up customers and drop them off at random destinations. He has programmed his mind to earn any amount of income and if he does not feel it is a good day, he will stop picking up passengers and then use the income he made, to have a beer with friends.
Sometimes, it is dangerous to become a dreamer. A dream without any action is merely a fantasy. Time well spent? Or Time wasted?
So are you a dreamer or a planner?

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