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What Should You Check Before Driving a Trailer?

Posted on the 10 October 2019 by Infinity Trailers @InfinityTrailer

A quick inspection is very important before driving a large vehicle such as trucks and trailers. Undoubtedly, roadworthy and a good quality trailer always give you better performance and efficiency but driving it smoothly on road is not so easy. You should follow some proper tips while driving it. A quick inspection is one kind of tip that needs to be followed ever time. So, whether you drive a car trailer for transportation, like four car hauler or a five car hauler, regular and quick inspection is highly important. Let’s check out the following components that you need to check.

What Should You Check Before Driving a Trailer?

Check The Couplings:

Couplings are the first things that need to be checked properly. These are the most essential parts of every car trailer. Couplings help to connect a trailer to the vehicle. So, maintaining the functionality of these devices is very crucial. A regular inspection is highly required. You need to check each part of the couplings. You should check all the components of these mechanical devices such as shafts, joints, spindles, etc. For getting the smooth performance, add a certain amount of grease inside the couplings. Grease helps to minimize wear & tear. Apart from that, you need to check the connected chain and electrical cables. Regular inspection helps to reduce the chance of major damages and keep your couplings away from rust.

Check The Indicators and Tail-lights:

Once you have checked the couplings, cables are wires, you need to check whether the indicators and tail lights are working properly or not. These lights play a vital role while driving the big trailers on the road. If they stop working then you may face lots of problems. The tail lights or backlights are generally operated by the braking system. Similar to the taillights, indication lights are used while turning. So, they need to work properly and systematically. Before you drive the trailer, you need to check their working performance. If they do not work well, repair them immediately.

Check The Brakes:

Brakes are the most essential components of every vehicle. If the braking system does not work properly then you never drive your vehicle on the road. Trailers are the large vehicles and them usually car bulk loads. So, the proper maintenance of the trailer’s braking systems is extremely essential. Regular inspection helps to avoid any kind of major damage. You need to check every component such as brake pedals, brake shoes, levers, bearings, brake disks, etc. If you find any fault in any braking component after the inspection then replace it instantly.

Checking these three components are important. However, you should also check the tire pressure. This inspection always reduces the chances of road accidents and major damages.

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