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What Should I Write About? :S

By Actuallystrange @ActuallyStrange

I also didn’t post yesterday. I’m going to start posting everyday, starting now, because I really need to practice my writing. I thank everyone for reading this and while my last few posts have not been that interesting, please click around and I do have a lot of other posts farther down that I like. :D

I think my problem is that I never know what I want to write about. Wait, let me rephrase that: I never know which particular subject I want to write about.

I could talk about the fact that I’m taking more then the usually allowed number of courses next semester so I’m trying to get a move on developing super good habits.

I could talk about fan fiction which I’ve begun to appreciate again.

I could talk about Harrison Ford’s and Rachel McAdams 2010 movie, “Morning Glory.”

I could talk about Alan Rickman, but if you check my Alan Rickman tag I’ve talked about him quite a lot. Incidentally, it turns out that Hugh Laurie is NOT my new Alan Rickman. My interest in him was just a slight detour. Alan Rickman has been my favorite actor since I was fifteen. I also like Jason Isaac, Ralph Fiennes, Hugh Laurie and Jeremy Irons (before he become mildly creepy) but Alan Rickman is always number one.

Oh, I could talk about the fact that I now find Jeremy Irons mildly creepy.

I think that I’ll write about all of these things eventually but I don’t know what to write about today.

I’d really like someone to tell me what they’d like me to write about. Does anyone have any thoughts?

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