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Random Questions I Need Answered

By Actuallystrange @ActuallyStrange

These are random questions. Who can give me answers? :)

Why do those pens with black, blue, and red ink also come with green ink? Does anyone actually write with green ink?

Why has it taken over ten years to rebuild the World Trade Center when the Empire State Building was built in less than one year?

Why would the captain of the Costa Concordia, rather than remain silent as anything he says will be used against him, say that he accidentally fell into a lifeboat?

Why do people, myself included, care that Johnny Depp might be divorcing his wife? It doesn’t mean that normal people now have a chance with him.

Why do people get so worked up about politics? I think that people who get angry about opposing opinions are insecure about their own because there is really never a right answer in politics.

Why is there an M-rated Harry/Hedwig fanfic (WHICH I HAVE NOT READ)) on

Why did I say this would be ten questions when originally I only had two in mind? This was supposed to be an alternative to random thoughts. I think it’s the same.

Why do people talk about the first snowfall of the year like they completely forgot that winter existed until they saw that snow flake?

Why do I want everything in my life to have meaning, including the songs on the iPod and the stickers on my filing cabinet?

Why do I judge others without knowing the whole story? To be fair, I’m getting better at keeping the judgements in my head, but I should only be judging actions, not people.


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